The Importance of Balance in My Life


The Importance of Balance in My Life

Balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

Although balance can pertain to many things, I find that the definition is accurate for how we should FEEL in our lives. I know from my own experiences and busy schedule my life can feel overwhelmed or unsteady at times. I’m pretty sure we all have experienced anxiety and stress from work, school, family or relationships. How we manage those ups and downs plays a huge role in our well being and daily mood.

Since I travel a lot for work, weddings and events I have found what works best for me to stay grounded and balanced is to make time for myself no matter what city I’m in. Whether that be taking a walk to explore and reflect, reading a book during a flight or sitting at a coffee shop to write; the options are endless. When I take a quick moment to breathe, let the moments in, without checking my phone or inbox, it makes all the difference in relieving stress, distractions, or pressures.

Balance in my life also pertains to where I find inspiration, motivation and encouragement. I am incredibly inspired by the beauty of nature and have been a beach girl since I can remember. Being near water or watching the waves crash is my way of decompressing and letting life sink in rather than constantly trying to stay in front of everything life brings.

If I’m in need of positive uplifting then I will schedule time with a girlfriend or spend time praying and reading. When I need love, strength or a good laugh I can always turn to Chris in any circumstance and find balance there. Every person and every situation in our life is on a balance scale and the time spent on each side will determine the balance we have in all aspects of our life.

Where are you putting your energy, focus and time? Does this make you feel burnt out, tired, or mentally drained? Take a moment today or this weekend for yourself.  No matter how busy you are, you won’t be able to find balance without a clear mind and content heart.

The Importance of Balance in My LifeThe Importance of Balance in My LifeThe Importance of Balance in My Life



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