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There are definitely benefits to having friends who live in multiple states; one being that I can visit and experience new cities with a free local tour guide while creating memories for life.

Fresh in our twenties, I first met Caitlin when we both lived in Newport Beach, CA. With dreams, curiosity and wonder in our hearts, we built a friendship over our weekend coffee talks and sunset walks on the beach. Her love and passion for travel is inspiring and why catching up with her in San Francisco two weeks ago was more than a treat.

I have visited San Francisco only twice before and for only a day each time. With that limited amount of time, I didn’t get a great idea of the city or its’ surroundings so I wanted to make sure I spent enough time this trip to take it all in.


Saturday started off on a relaxing and inspiring note, as I explored the area around Caitlin’s place with a coffee in hand and a smile on my face. While she slept off her nursing night shift, I enjoyed a walk through Golden Gate Park, stopping to admire the Conservatory of Flowers.

There were so many different kinds of vibrant and interesting flowers that I couldn’t choose a favorite. Who knew golf balls could be planted! (see below) 😉


(The entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park)

I didn’t make it into the Tea Garden to explore since I had limited time to go meet Clare for lunch, but did love the design of the entrance. Not to mention the tree below is the most amazing tree I’ve ever seen! Always bending but never broken.


If you are around my age or have kids around my age then you will know exactly where these houses are from! Can’t guess? 

Let’s just say they make up a ‘Full House’.

I was excited to get photos of the Painted Ladies and reminisce about the days I followed the Olsen twins religiously and pretended I was married to Jesse. Oh, the good ole days!


After enjoying a lunch with Clare in the Marina district of San Francisco, checking out the views of the Golden Gate Bridge by the water and Alcatraz, we had to stop for a sweet treat! It was a beautiful day to explore and we got lucky with extremely warm weather.

Once we got our dose of being tourists we headed away from the water’s edge to check out some shops. A girl’s gotta get her shop on when in another city! On our way back to the main street area (Chestnut Street to be exact) we ran into this incredible piece of architecture and beauty! I wish you could have been there with us as we gawked at the building and grounds but had NO idea what it was or why it was there. Every second one of us would be like, “What is this place?”

After a number of staged photos, selfies and crashing a wedding, we figured out that this beautiful structure and area is considered the Palace of Fine Arts. I was hoping for something a little more whimsical but suppose it will do. … For now.


We even got Clare talking to raccoons again. Not just on ‘Paradise’. 🙂

That was a day well spent in great company with Clare but now I needed to get some girl time in with my friend Caitlin. The next morning she took me to this incredibly charming breakfast spot called The Mill that offers delicious combinations of homemade toast paired with delicately designed lattes. The atmosphere of the place was relaxing and I loved the neutral decor!


It was a rare weekend for San Francisco with the temperatures getting into the 90’s so of course we decided to head to the beach near Ghiradelli Square to take in the sun and enjoy some stand up paddle fun.

Beach days are the best days, no matter where you are.


Spending time with Caitlin is always a blessing but to see her happy in a new city she calls home was the perfect San Francisco treat. She is a beautiful soul with an adventurous spirit that I truly admire and look forward to visiting again soon! You can follow her adventures and words of wellness on IG at @Wayfaringypsy or at

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