Braiding Series: Lace Twisted Braid


Need some new fall hair inspiration? For the next few months we are releasing an exciting list of hair tutorials as part of our Braiding Series! Starting this week with the most basic type of braid- a two strand braid! (better known as a “twist”) As the weeks progress we will start to introduce more advanced braiding techniques and styles. Making all of you braiding gurus by the new year!

Braiding Series

Part One: Lace Twist Braid

What you need to know: A twist is two strands wrapped around each other in a circular motion.

braidHow To:

Step One: Center or side part hair. Starting on one side, split front section into two subsections.

Step Two: Begin to twist the two strands by wrapping one around the other. After you complete this step once- add hair in from the top of the head. Continue to twist.

Step Three: Continue this process back to the center back of the head.

Step Four: When you’ve finished the twist, secure with a bobby pin.

Step Five: Repeat Steps 1-3 on the opposite side of the part.

Step Six: Once you reach the back of the head with the second twist, undo the bobby pin. Begin to twist the two big twists together.

Step Seven: Secure underneath with a bobby pin.

Step Eight: Add some soft waves or keep hair straight and sleek!


Congrats! You have just completed Part One of the Braiding Series. Come back next week for Part Two!

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Amanda @blohaute

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