Getting My Energy Back One Spark at a time


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A healthy lifestyle is a balance of nutrition and activity. When equally taken care of, your body and mind can be at their full potential. What you’re putting inside your body and how well you are taking care of it physically will make a huge difference in how you feel and look.

As often as I like to work out or get outdoors to stay active, my low energy level seems to stay consistent. I got tired of always being tired and knew I needed to figure something out. I have been using a few of the Advocare products the past month to help jump start my energy, and have felt like a new person! I finally have my hours and days back, without the luggish midday feeling!


I’m not exactly sure what is the cause of my fatigue, aside from a busy schedule, but I do know that these Spark drinks have taken the place of coffee on many days and have significantly increased my energy level. My favorite flavor is the Fruit Punch, but I also enjoy the Mango Strawberry flavored Spark warmed up in the morning for a delightful treat.

1For an extra boost of energy, Advocare’s MNS-E can be used for an increase of energy boosting nutrients to keep you alert and awake throughout the day. If you’re interested in boosting your energy level or adding nutrients into your daily intake then I suggest giving these products a try! I can say from my experience that you won’t be let down.

If you’re looking to start restart and cleanse your body than I highly recommend trying the 24-day Challenge.

Let me know how you like them in the comments below and I look forward to hearing your health story!


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