How to Make a Grand Entrance as The Bride



As a bride, you want your groom to be blown away by your entrance while also creating a lasting impression on your guests.

The fact that it’s your wedding day will be enough to make your man tear up and have you feeling all sorts of happiness. To make that moment extra special, check out 6 ways to ensure a flawless entrance below.


#1: Feel confident, look confident. A woman in a beautiful gown should walk with confidence as she makes her way down to her groom and who doesn’t feel beautiful in a wedding dress!?


#2: Enter down a staircase, behind doors or from a balcony. The anticipation will allow guests to get a look at your gown while your groom has time to get it together (or cry it out) before the vows.


#3: Heels and Slow steps. Even the slightest heel height offers a better posture for walking in a gown and taking slow steps will allow guests and your groom to relish in this special moment.


#4: Carry a stunning bouquet. This not only creates a grand entrance, with the beautiful flowers to compliment your dress, but it also offers depth and color for a variety of photos.


#5: Head up and Smile. A happy bride fills the room with joy.


#6: Show up in a horse and carriage, like the princess you are… or an awesome pink car will do. 😉




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