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Ever notice those pretty little hairsprays in almost all of my posts? Today is dedicated to breaking down the FAVE4 hairsprays and filling you in on all the tips & tricks to using these 4 little miracle sprays!

About Fave4:

“Hairdressers’ favorite products for clients’ favorite looks.”

Fave 4 is a new hair product line in the beauty scene. Realizing that there was no hair products dedicated to hairstylists “wants and needs,” the founders of Fave 4 decided to dive in and find a solution. That’s when Fave 4 Hair was born! Starting with the 4 hairsprays, Fave4 really hit the ground running. It wasn’t long before these hairsprays started to gain star quality attention from not only hairstylists, but consumers as well.

More recently Fave4 launched their Styling Creams. Sticking with the theme of 4, these creams are geared to focus on the major issues faced when looking for the right product to use before styling your hair. Although the Fave4 is just beginning, you can find  an immense amount of Fave4 Fanatics all over the world. Head on over to or follow them on social @fave4hair to join the Fave4 craze!


Breaking Down the Sprays:

Starting with the veterans of the Fave4 product line- the hairsprays! Like I said before, there is a Fave4 product for every issue you face when styling hair.

StyleStay_250Your new favorite hard hold hairspray for long lasting up-dos, side-sweeps, and stay-put braids. Style Security Technology ensures budge-proof finish and humidity resistance. Style Stay is great for those girls getting married or going to a formal event that need to know their hair is going to last them all night! Perfect for the stubborn flyways that want to do anything but stay down! Hold Level: 5


For the styles that need a little extra work styling, re-styling, braiding, twisting and teasing leaving you without flaking or cracking. Flexible styling polymers provide ultimate styling and holding freedom for a long-lasting finish. Perfect spray to use when curling your hair, especially when hair is super clean. Doesn’t make hair feel crunchy or sticky, but definitely gives enough hold to make hair last! Also good for using while blow-drying hair! Hold Level: 3-4


For your long, movable layers, bobs, curls, and waves. Enhance your natural highlights for a mirror-like shine and lightweight hold. Always use this spray when finishing any hairstyle. Adds a light shine without making hair look too shiny or wet. For those girls who are in a photo shoot, on TV, or getting married- bring this with you at all times! Flex reflect tames flyways and makes hair sparkle! Hold Level: 1-2


Oomph enhancing hairspray for all-over volume, subtle lift and messy, sexy texturized hold. Provides grip so your style won’t slip. AKA the most amazing spray you could ever use! Referred to by me clients as “miracle spray,” TT can be used as a dry shampoo, root lift, hair fluffer, pretty much just use it at all times. For those whose hair falls flat- flip your head over and spray it in. Hair will never go flat again! For the braid lovers- spray in your hair after braiding and then stretch out the braid to appear much thicker. Also, the perfect spray to fake a blowout. (;

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