Chris’s Corner: ADVICE for the Groom



Good morning Corner followers!

Another wedding season is upon us as Des and I are running around trying to make all of our friends’ weddings this year. In fact, in the next month we have three to go to!

I guess it is that time in our lives where all of our friends are popping the question and getting hitched. Fortunately, we get to go to some beautiful places to enjoy their weddings with them along with their family and friends. Can you believe it’s already been seven months since Des and I tied the knot! Crazy right? It seems like just yesterday…haha.

Since I am the expert now in getting married and going through the entire experience, I thought it would only be fair that I share with you what I think are the best tips and pieces of info to get you through your wedding day, the BIG day, the last day of being single.

Now I can’t speak to much to the brides of this group other than CRAZY is not a good look on anyone. I promise. And, the last thing your man wants to see is CRAZY before you walk down the aisle and he has to commit to you for the rest of his life. Save the CRAZY for after you get married. You’ve already got him by then and there is no turning back! Haha, but really.


Gentlemen – now that you’ve decided you’re getting married and the day has come, don’t get cold feet. No one likes indecision as much as the person standing next to you up in front of all of your friends and family. Not. Good. Timing. What I suggest are the following:

  • Be in the moment. The day has a tendency to fly by and all of a sudden you are married… but tired.
  • Don’t be tired. If you are a coffee drinker, drink coffee. Do anything you can do, including a good night’s sleep, to be alert and ready for your day. (It’s your day too ;))
  • Have your groomsmen around you in the morning. What I did was go for a run and have breakfast the morning of the wedding with all of my groomsmen. It made me relaxed, energized and ready for a great day.
  • Make sure you have all of your clothes ready the night before. Heck, if you forget something by this point, it’s probably too late so you’ll need to figure out how to improvise.
  • Building off of 4… IF you forget something, do not tell your future wife. Remember, we don’t want to see CRAZY before you get married and making her worry about you is not what you need.Small side story – I almost lost our wedding bands the day before we got married and I called Des to kind of let her know. She was kind of confused because I wasn’t being transparent, but it all worked out. The problem was we switched hotel rooms the night before we got married and I had secret hiding spots all around the room with things in each spot. Fortunately, the hotel was on it and had the rings for me! Phew.
  • Take a few minutes to be by yourself and collect your thoughts. If you have vows, read them over. If you don’t, just relish in the moment. It only happens once.

I am sure I can come up with more, but these seems to come to mind when I go back and remember my wedding day. Just remember, it’s going to be amazing, the after party is going to be amazing and the rest of your life will be amazing because you get to spend the rest of it with the person you want to be with forever!

Until next time,


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