Get Healthy: The Do’s + Don’ts of Clean Eating


sqPurrbvDyiEMYqFTe5d6iCo-p-OvyVTMXc-X1ss1FoBy Megan Roosevelt, Registered Dietitian

Founder of 

I am sure you have heard the saying before, “Clean Eating”. You may also wonder, what does it actually mean to “Eat Clean”? Today I’d like to share my tips for what to do and what not to do if you’re interested in a clean eating lifestyle, that is both realistic and results driven!

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Focus On Quality

It’s easy to obsess over calories, but don’t! Focus first on the quality of ingredients you’re consuming. For example, avocados and almond butter are high in calories, but they are also nutrient dense and so good for you! You will feel so much better consuming real food even if they are higher in calories than fake food that is calorie-free.

Enjoy Whole Foods

Keep the majority of your diet whole foods (versus processed, packaged items), such as; fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole-grains and legumes. Whole foods are nutrient dense & full of vitamins and minerals, which are great for digestion, immunity, skin clarity and energy levels.

Keep It Simple

You do not need complicated recipes, kitchen equipment or expensive ingredients to eat clean. Bananas, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal; these are just a few examples of everyday foods that are affordable and totally healthy!

Make It Delicious!

Speaking of oatmeal and brown rice, you do not have to eat bland meals to enjoy the benefits of clean eating!! The Healthy Grocery Girl Member Site has over 100 recipes that are healthy, yet totally delicious! I personally love to eat, so for me if it’s going to be healthy it also has to taste amazing. These are the type of recipes I create to share with you!


Deprive Yourself

Clean eating is not a diet and it’s not about deprivation. Clean eating is about eating healthier, natural foods! Deprivation can backfire; lead to overeating and slow down your metabolism.

Be Extreme

You don’t have to go on a 30-day juice only cleanse or give up sugar for a year to eat clean. You can start with small changes that are realistic for your lifestyle. Health is a lifestyle and for it to be maintainable it must be realistic!

Give Up Or Stress Over Food 

You do not have to eat perfect to eat healthy. The key to enjoying a lasting healthy lifestyle is to do your best and don’t stress if you have treats occasionally! If you dine out at a less than healthy restaurant or enjoy cake at an office party, don’t beat yourself up about it! That’s life. Just eating something healthier at your next meal or snack.

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