Brond: The Newest Hair Trend Revealed


What exactly is “Bronde” hair?


“Bronde” hair is going to be the next biggest hair trend. Why? Bronde is the perfect hair color for both blondes and brunettes. For brunettes, it is an easy – low maintenance color to add dimension and brighten them up. For blondes, it is a more natural – warmer toned blonde that gives their hair a break from the normal bright blonde highlights.

Celebrity Bronde Icons:

Perfect example– Blake Lively. Always a hair icon, Blake recently went to the dark side (or the “bronde” side). And it looks absolutely amazing on her!


How to Style Bronde Hair:

Embracing the trend of having a lived in look, bronde is the perfect “lived in” color to go with your natural style. Wear your bronde hair down and air dry it with a good air-dry cream. Add a few undone waves to your hair to give it that effortless vibe, or throw it into a low messy ponytail/ knot bun.


What to tell your colorist:

When consulting with your colorist- pictures are always the best to bring in to show off your inspiration. Find a colorist who is comfortable with either the balayage or baby lights technique. These are two popular techniques to achieve the perfect bronde. 


Maintaining your Bronde Locks

To keep your bronde looking fresh and full of life- always use a color treated shampoo and conditioner. Try to wash your hair 2-3 times a week not everyday. And when it starts to look dull and lifeless, make an appointment to go in for a gloss or toner to bring your color back to life!




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