5 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding



Destination Weddings are becoming a popular trend among couples these days. I can see why couples want to opt out of the traditional style wedding for a built in vacation with their friends and family!

Exchanging vows on the edge of a cliff or with toes in the sand sounds glorious and if I could do it again, that is exactly what I would do with Chris. Of course, there are some guests restraints with the travel time needed for destination weddings, but we’re sharing 5 reasons why more and more couples will be re-thinking that 300 guest wedding at a nearby venue for some fun in the sun!


#1: Flowers. One of the most expensive aspects of a wedding are the flowers. Especially if you plan to have centerpieces on every table, along with beautiful bouquets for yourself and the bridesmaids. A destination wedding allows you to use the local flower of the region that will typically be in season and showcases the destination. A lot of times the local flower is already being used in the resorts and venues so costs may be lower.


#2: Go barefoot!  Most destination weddings, I would say, are taken place in a warmer climate location with a beach as the backdrop. The best part about beach weddings is the fact that you can go barefoot! It’s much easier to walk in the sand barefoot than in heels. Also, guests will enjoy the laid back vibe that caters to having a destination wedding.


#3: The Dress. Wedding dresses can get heavy and uncomfortable by the end of the night, depending on the fit of the dress. If you’re in a warmer climate, with humidity especially, than you will want to wear a lighter weight dress that you won’t sweat through or have a hard time walking around in.


#4: The Scenery. The backdrop alone of a certain destination can be all the decor you’ll need for a beautiful ceremony and waterfront reception. You will be able to cut back on decor so that the natural elements of the location stand out.


#5: Wedding, Vacation, and Honeymoon in one. The absolute best part about having a destination wedding is that all the guests will be able to enjoy your day while having a relaxing time away, AND you will be able to enjoy it all as newlyweds in a stunning location. I have known many couples to extend their trip after the wedding, to honeymoon there or to have a vacation alone before heading to their honeymoon. What a deal! A relaxing getaway and a wedding in one.


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