5 Reasons Why Ben H., Ben Z., or even Nick could Be The Next Bachelor



So.. ‘The Bachelorette’ is coming to an end tonight. We are all on the edge of our seats waiting to see who Kaitlyn chooses and what kind of drama goes down. Between the 2 guys that hate each other and the new progress of episodes this season, I’m not surprised this season has been one to watch!

Since we won’t know who The Next Bachelor will be until later tonight (I hope) let’s break down 3 bachelors that have a fighting chance at the next throne of ‘The Bachelor’.


Ben H.

#1: His confidence and demeanor remind me of my Chris. 🙂

#2: Girls seem to LOVE him and want to date him. – Just read Twitter for a second and you’ll catch my drift.

#3: He doesn’t have baggage. – This could be a good or a bad thing actually. He may not have enough dating experience to handle 25 chicks.

#4: He seems logical- This will help in making decisions and letting go of the crazy ones.

#5: He is from Denver- I’m from Denver!!


Ben Z. 

#1: He is protective.. and super manly!

#2: He has a story- This helps with the narrative and makes us want to root for him.

#3: He’s good looking with or without a shirt on. Eye candy!

#4: He’s sincere in wanting to find love.

#5: He can bench press a chick.. that’s enough reason in itself!




#1: We’ve gotten to know him the best out of anyone (2 seasons long worth)

#2: If he’s not the one chosen by Kaitlyn then we will watch and feel his heartbreak.

#3: His family is adorable. Especially Bella.

#4: Bachelorettes seem to dig him. Hence, Andi AND Kaitlyn.

#5: He has an emotional side. -He will be transparent so we’ll know exactly how he feels about each relationship


With all of that said…. Who would you like to see as The Next Bachelor!!!???!?

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