11 Ways ‘The Bachelorette’ is just like Online Dating


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‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ are fantasy lands for singles looking to find love, but the reality is that the process is quite similar to online dating.. and can work!

Before ‘The Bachelor’, I did my fair share of dating bad boys, athletes, older guys, immature guys, Italian, British, fear of commitment guys, selfish guys, loving guys, handsome guys, take-them-home-to-mom type guys, and the list goes on. I was never a chronic dater by any means or needed to date all the time… I just happened to live in an area with a lot of good looking guys and the ability to meet them while working as a waitress.

Personally, I have never tried online dating, but after being on ‘The Bachelor/ Bachelorette’, its amusing how the correlation and process are quite similar. Chris did some online dating of his own and can vouch for this. 😉

How they compare…

1.) You sign up for something that you’re slightly apprehensive about, but excited for the unknown.

2.) You put your best foot forward to give a good impression with the things you say or the things you exaggerate about yourself in your bio or first conversation. Maybe even add a few of your best pics from years ago. Am I right?

3.) Your first suitor walks out of the limo or sends you that first message to initiate conversation. A smiley face ends every message.

4.) You have 25 guys/ girls that first night to choose from or you have about that same number to choose from in your inbox online after the first month.

5.) You’re unsure of who to go on the first date with so you go with the best looking (hoping they’ll look the same in person) or someone that’s been fun to talk with.

6.) The first date is fun and a connection is made, so you’re excited about seeing him/ her again.

7. ) You’ve planned a few other dates out that same week so you can meet some other ‘matches’ to keep the playing field open. By the time you’re on a date with someone new you’re either realizing that the first guy was way better or become confused and want to date both.

8.) This goes on for weeks with 2nd and 3rd dates and each date seems to be promising… at least that’s what it seems.

9.) Feelings start to form and you’re hoping that this person is only into you, but his/ her profile shows that they are still browsing other options online or you’re physically watching this person go on other dates via ‘The Bachelor’. Both scenarios are not fun.

10.) Mixed emotions form from all parties involved and this either sets the relationship apart or is a breaking point.

11.) You either keep talking to the person and go on more dates or it ends. In other words, you either get a rose or sent home.

Both ways of dating work and can work for the right person. I think in both scenarios it just depends on what you want to get out of it and the effort you put in.

The show puts a lot more focus on the emotions being felt since there aren’t any distractions… like work, TV, books, or social media. Things tend to move faster because of that, but the process is just like online dating. There’s no shame in either way to find love.

Try these different online dating options below and be your own Bachelorette. 😉


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