10 Reasons to use Vistaprint for your Wedding Needs



When it comes to weddings there are a ton of decisions to be made and options to choose from. The details, decor, centerpieces, dresses, logistics and stationary all need to be decided upon and executed flawlessly. Making those important decisions can become a bit overwhelming and take up far too much time. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be difficult or consume a bride and groom’s entire life leading up to their big day.

How you ask!?!?

Well, I have the perfect one stop shop for your stationary needs that will make wedding planning a whole lot easier! Vistaprint offers an array of products that allow you to create the entire look you want for your wedding day in one easy location.

Check out the 10 ways to use Vistaprint for your wedding needs below, but the options and creative ways to utilize this wonderful site are endless.

Let’s start planning!…

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*First things first. Set a wedding date! Before planning all of the other details for your perfect day, make sure to decide on a wedding date and then order save the dates from Vistaprint to send to all of your friends and family!



* Wedding invitations are the most important detail for your guests to know the time, location, and details of the wedding. Make sure you have all of that information confirmed prior to ordering invites. The great thing about Vistaprint is that you can even customize your invites with a design of your own or browse through a beautiful selection of styles.

diy-4-program-fan#3: PROGRAMS

* Programs are often times forgotten till last minute, so make sure to keep these on your list of things to order. They let guests know what to expect throughout the day. Get creative and make program fans for an outdoor wedding as shown above.



* Celebrate your engagement with your best girlfriends at your bridal shower and bachelorette party! Although your MOH or best friend will be planning these events, give her the idea or style of party you want. Vistaprint has many styles to choose from for all of your wedding events.diy-5-place-card-cork#5: PLACE CARDS

* A seating chart and escort (place) cards will make the reception go smoothly for guests and ensures that all of your seats and plates are accounted for. Vistaprint has matching styles to go with your invites and other stationary to keep your wedding day look cohesive throughout.

Try this DIY name card display using wine corks for a great way to add a rustic detail



*Menus set up at each table setting is an elegant look for a wedding and allows guests to know what they will be eating. Even if they chose their meal on the RSVP, most forget what they put down by the time of the wedding so the menu card in front of them is a great reminder of that. The menus work for any type of dinner including buffet style, family-style, or served dishes.

diy-8-invites-table-numbers#7: TABLE CHART / NUMBERS

* Just as the place cards are important, so are the table numbers. Guests won’t know where to sit if the tables aren’t marked. Vistaprint offers post cards for table numbers along with the option to create a style of your own.

diy-10-favors-stickers#8: STAMPS/ STICKERS

* Stamps and stickers are a great way to personalize your wedding day and can be used for party favors (shown above), invites, envelopes and any other stationary being used.


* Make sure to thank your guests for coming by leaving a thank you note at the table setting or on the wedding favors. Also, you will want to thank your guests for any gifts you received by sending a ‘Thank You’ card.

diy-7-gift-tag-wine-bottle#10: FAVORS

*Everyone loves going home from a wedding with memories to hold dear and a party favor to enjoy! Whether the favor is edible or a trinket  to use, Vistaprint has an assortment of cards to label each item.

Want to make it even more personalized? Check out the selection of photo gifts you could create for your guests including mugs, tote bags, magnets, or phone cases.


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