Exclusive: Des + Chris Wedding Video



There is nothing more special about a wedding than the vows spoken and the commitment made. Chris and I exchanged words and rings to make that commitment on January 18, 2015. A day we will always remember.

We were unable to share our entire wedding day on television with all of you, but that doesn’t change how grateful we are for all of your support. We are beyond excited to share these special moments and re-live that wonderful day with you. These moments and details could not have been captured without the talent and experience of our awesome videographers, Brian and Ryan from Perryfield Films.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy. We hope that you feel as if you are there with us.



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  • Mary

    You were the most gorgeous bride! If there are any clips of the first dance, we’d love to see! What a great keepsake this is for you.

  • Karen Moore

    OMGOODNESS, Desiree – you are beautiful on the inside and out. I love how thoughtful you are with your words to Chris – I believe it when you say it. That’s such a gift to give Chris. And Chris – I can see the love in your eyes when you look at Desiree. It’s awesome! Wishing you both the happiest marriage forever!

  • Arleen Spendlove

    Tears are flowing down my cheeks as I listen to your vows, and it can really feel the love you have for each other. You will be BLESSED with a lifetime of happiness together forever. Handsome groom and beautiful bride. The dress is GORGEOUS. Thank you for sharing with your fans your wedding day celebration. Happy Valentines Day. Perfect way to celebrate the day of hearts.

  • So beautiful. Your vows are heartfelt and so very touching. Thank you for sharing this with us. xo

  • Donna Thacker

    I was so hoping of all the weddings this was going to be televised but I am so glad to see that video of you and Chris’s beautiful day and you were beautiful as always Desiree I wish you both nothing but happiness in the good and bad times just remember to always hold on to each other

  • Deborah Gregory

    You two look amazing and are by far my favorite Bachelorette/Bachelor couple. You are an inspiration for others and I pay you have a long life together filled with LOTS of LOVE which you can see in your eyes when you are together. You have an amazing story to tell your children and grandchildren. Congrats! Happy Valentine’s Day! You are beautiful Des

  • Shitjusgotreel

    You two are so beautiful inside and out, perfect for one another. I’m so grateful to have gotten to watch you two fall in love. I can’t wait to see you have babies and grow old together. Congrats to your new lives together and God bless you both?

  • Guest

    OMG… what a magical day. Congratulations to the two of you. What a beautiful wedding…..wish we could have seen it on TV but THANK YOU so much for sharing your special day with all of us…..Best wishes

  • Sonya Jackson

    Des—I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy your site and all of your posts on facebook and twitter. Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful relationship with Chris all the way through to your unbelievably beautiful wedding. I was so upset it wasn’t televised but after reading all your posts and seeing this clip, I’m actually glad it wasn’t televised. I believe much of the beauty of this wedding as well as showing the true beauty and love between you and Chris would have been diminished had ABC been involved in “producing” this. You and Chris are definitely a one in a million couple who share an overwhelmingly obvious love that is seen in every look, every smile, every post, etc etc etc!! The world would truly be a better place if more couples shared the type of love you two share!! I still watch your proposal regularly and I never watch it without tears coming down my cheeks. This video of your wedding, however, took it to a whole other level. I was literally crying, not just tearful. Of course, I watched it multiple times back to back to back. I really can’t put into words how happy I am for the two of you. I have absolutely no doubt that together, you and Chris will share a lifetime of happiness!! Never take it for granted and enjoy every moment because it’s certainly not common these days to find the kind of love that you two share! Much love, prayers, and happiness to you and Chris, and again, thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with us!

    • Jackie

      Sonya I so, so agree with you. Congratulations Des and Chris.

    • Stacy Pickell

      Sonya. So very well put! I totally agree with you and have watch their proposal often as well!! Love love them!!

  • Patti Ross-Loya

    Desiree- I watched you on The Bachelor and again on The Bachelorette. I was rooting for Chris all the way! You make a beautiful couple and I feel like your relationship is sincere and authentic. I have loved reading your posts and keeping up with y’all as you’ve moved on beyond the show. I would love to have seen the conclusion to your Bachelorette journey, but I am now so glad you didn’t televise it. So thank you for sharing this brief clip with those of us who have been cheering you on. The venue was breathtaking. Chris – just as handsome as ever. And you were a beautiful bride. The vows were so heartfelt and meaningful. I wish you years and years of happiness together, and as my father would say, may all your troubles be “little ones”. So, so, so happy for you both! Thank you for including us in your journey.

  • Ayina_11

    I loooooove the video. Des, you look sooooo beautiful. Congratulation to both of you

  • Ayina_11

    I just realize that the video can’t be played in my android phone. Is it just me or anyone else have the same problem? Does it only work on pc & laptop?

  • Lauren Nicole

    Beautiful video

  • Moi!

    You too are my favorite couple EVER on bach. Favorite story; it always touches my heart when reminded of you too. Stay strong for each other, marriage IS work. Stay kind, stay thoughtful, and always, always sexy for each other… blushing… BUT, so very true and important.
    May God bless the both of you with His greatest treasure, and all His best treasures.

  • Stacy Pickell

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this very special beautiful day with us!! You were gorgeous and so was the setting!! It was wonderful that you shared this so we could see a part of your special day! I loved watching you and Chris fall in love! You are both such beautiful people, inside and out! You make a beautiful couple! I can’t wait to see what your life has in store for you both! You will have adorable beautiful children someday! May God continue to bless your marriage!! Congratulations to you both! ?

  • ladykatie25

    I watched your proposal again last night on Youtube. I think I’ve viewed it over a dozen times. Chris is a very special (and lucky) man. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.

  • Lillian Harris

    Just too Beautiful!

  • Suzy Hager

    Beautiful video of your special day! You are breathtaking! Chris very dapper! Loved your vows, so heartfelt and intimate! May your love continue to grow everyday!

  • Denise Clary

    Des thank you so very much for sharing your wedding with us, it was so beautiful, You and Chris look so incredibly good together. It was a match made in heaven. You are very lucky lady with Chris, but on the same he is very lucky having you. congratulations! btw you look absolutely gorgeous and you and Chris both were beaming!

  • Michelle Hitchcock

    Des, I am one of you and Chris’ biggest fans. I watch parts of your season all the time. I think that you and Chris are the real deal and it is heart-warming to see the love that ya’ll share. I wish I could have been at your wedding, because it would have been so great to celebrate and see firsthand your love for each other. The first dance must have been the icing on the cake for you. What a sweet gesture from Chris to you…he is the best and I am soooo glad that you ended up with him. I think you got your “knight in shining armor” and God had His hand on you the whole experience to give you what you deserve. I am so glad that you got someone who would love you as much as you love him. God blessed both of you with the perfect partner. I pray God’s richest blessings on you and Chris and your future little ones. :). I have 16-year old twin boys and they are the best. I hope ya’ll have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. By the way, your 30 reasons you love Chris was sooo cute and I know that was his favorite birthday present. Again, God bless…

    • desireehartsock

      Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for all of your kind words. It really means a lot and we truly feel so blessed to have met each other and know that God brought us together in that way. Thanks for watching and for all the support. God bless!

      • Michelle Hitchcock

        Des, I can’t believe that u actually responded to my post. Thank you, that made my day. I really do feel like that God was so good to both you and Chris to find each other on the Bachelorette. Your season will always be my favorite; the turn of events could not have happened without God’s love and provision. I love your website and thank you for keeping your fans updated on your life. I think Ben will be a good bachelor and I hope he finds true love, too. As I said before, I know that God is going to continue to bless you and Chris and your love will get stronger each day. 🙂