Get Fit: 30-Day Squat Challenge


FullSizeRender-5All you have to do is Google “Squat Challenge” to find a numerous amount of charts that give squat reps to follow each day for a full month. However, one look at the high number of reps to do would leave anyone feeling doubtful and quite honestly.. scared!

To jump from 50 reps to 250 in the matter of 28 days is definitely an achievement, but is it realistic? I don’t think so. Maybe for those that have been working out on a consistent basis for years, but what about for a newbie that just wants a nicer bum?

If you want to get your butt a bit firmer and perkier for those short shorts or bikini bottoms, then let’s get a move on it and begin a 30-day Squat Challenge that isn’t so scary. The gradual incline of reps will allow you to see results.. if you stick with it!

While searching for a good squat workout that would be practical yet still challenging, I came across the perfect 30-day challenge from Nikki Strong.

Join me today as we squat our way to a better bum using Nikki’s 30-day challenge!




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