9 Budget-Friendly Wedding Ideas



Love and weddings go hand-in-hand and are a beautiful thing no matter the location, the couple, the budget or the details. When it comes to celebrating that love and taking the leap, the options are endless and the costs can sky rocket for the perfect wedding day.

Before stressing over the budget or the decisions to be made, check out 7 creative ideas that won’t break the bank for your wedding day.


#1: Something Borrowed: If you have a family member or friend that just got married and still has a veil or jewelry to be worn then this is a great way to keep costs down on your overall bridal look.


#2: Ceremony and reception decor are so easy to do yourself these days that there is no reason to add these things to your costs. There are so many creative ideas listed on Pinterest and Loverly, that a piece of wood or chalk board paint is all you need.


#3: Location, Location! The majority of costs will come from the venue you choose and the food. Find ways to create the look you want at possibly a park, private backyard, ranch or new venue that is offering discounts.


#4: Guest Count. Less is more when it comes to how many you want to invite to your wedding. The more people, the larger the costs will be since most places charge per plate.


#5: Beer + Wine only. If you do decide to have any alcohol at the wedding, you will be able to keep your costs down if you stay away from offering spirited drinks. Another way to stay within budget is to see if your venue allows kegs over bottles for beer and allows you to bring in your own bottles of wine for guests.


#6: Fill in areas with faux flowers. By the bar, by the guest book or as centerpieces, using faux flowers will definitely keep your costs down. AND you could use them again for something!


#7: Place colored napkins inside the toasting flutes to add more detail and color to the tables. Especially if you aren’t doing large floral centerpieces, this will fill up that space.


#8: For smaller centerpieces, stack wood, books, or some sort of platform to add height and dimension to the small centerpieces on the tables.


#9: Serve sheet cake to guests. Opt for a smaller decorative cake for the ‘cake cutting’, and spend less for a sheet cake that will be plated and served to guests. Trust me.. they will never know the difference.

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