4 Ways to Add Color to your Wedding Day Ensemble


On February 10th, 1840, Queen Victoria donned a white silk satin wedding gown trimmed with Honiton lace. Her fashion choice would reverberate through Western history—while her predecessors often wore colorful wedding gowns, Queen Victoria reset bridal attire trends and brides have been wearing white or ivory ever since. However, if you love tradition but still want a little color, here are some ways to unexpectedly add some hues to your look.


Shoes. Want a hint of color without over committing to it? Finish off your wedding gown look with a pair of killer shoes in saturated hues. Think royal blue, blush, black, even emerald green. Your hem will cover them initially but every time you take a step, your guests will be treated to a delightful pop of color.



Sash. Sashes are another fashion forward way to add some drama to your style. However, avoid overly dense sashes like satin or grosgrain. Instead, opt for horsehair or organza sashes in your favorite subtle hue. These sheer fabrics will keep the color misty and soft while still having enough structure to hold its shape. The focal point will still be on you but the added color will give your style dimension.


Earrings (or necklace). Add a dash of color around your face with a pair of dramatic earrings or a fun necklace. You can choose a unique setting—gunmetal is perfect for vintage looks while rose gold lets you go boho—or semiprecious gemstones like amethysts or jade. Colorful earrings are perfect because when your guests first see you, they won’t even realize you’re wearing them. However, when you’re greeting them later on, they’ll get to see your colorful style up close.


Bouquet. Your bouquet is another perfect place to add some pretty shades. Have your florist wrap your bouquet in patterned ribbon or fabric. Since it’s a little removed from your ensemble, you can go more dramatic and have the colors interplay with the type of blooms you are carrying.

Final Tip: when adding color to your wedding day fashion, stay away from your official wedding colors and reserve those for your bridesmaids’ dresses, linens, signage, etc. You want to stand out and contrast the colors around you. Introducing subtle new hues is a great, unexpected way to do it!

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