TOP 10 Summer See + DO list with Your Kids


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Summer.  Is.  HERE!!!!

Hey you guys!  I hope everyone is enjoying happy days and glorious weather, wherever you are in this world!  

For my family, summer is all about the kids — And if you have kids, then you know exactly… what… I’m talking about.  From play dates to summer camps to endless birthdays parties, by the end of July I swear I’m asking myself “Is summer over yet?” Ha!  Kidding… but not really.  

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As mom’s, we hope and pray for a little R+R during summer break… but try telling that to your rambunctious rugrats who are bouncing off the walls full of energy, constantly asking “can we play yet?” or the best one “Mom- I’m sooooo bored”.  Kids need a lot of fun and excitement during summer vacation!  With that, there will be times where it can feel pretty exhausting and insanely overwhelming for parents! 

So… what’s the recipe for a perfect summer?  I’ve got ya covered.  After 10 years of trial and error, here is my Top 10 Summer See + Do List that keeps my 10 year old and his buds happy, happy campers!

#1: Ben’s FAVE ::  The good ol’ Slip n’Slide!  || If you’re worried about your kiddos getting a little banged up, you can always go with the fun sprinklers for kids!


#2: Campfire S’mores – {safety first} Summer certainly isn’t summer unless you’ve got a s’more in hand!

#3:  Origami!  Seriously it’s so great for the mind and kids LOVE it!


#4:  Turn your kitchen into a restaurant!  Desiree can actually vouch for me on this one. 🙂  Have your kiddos draw up a menu, take your order, make and serve you lunch!  Easy things to suggest would be PB & J, Hummus + Crackers, Chips + Salsa, or my FAVE Octopus Hot Dogs with Mac!


#5: Science Fair || Make a DIY Lava Lamp! This is the EASIEST project (inexpensive, too) and tons of fun for all!  All you’ll need is cooking oil, water, food coloring, empty water bottle or mason jar, and Alka-Seltzer tablets!


Step 1:: Fill your bottle or jar about two thirds of the way with oil and the rest of the way with water, leaving about an inch free at the top

Step 2:: Add several drops of food coloring

Step 3:: Break an Alka-Seltzer tablet into three or four pieces. Then drop a piece in + watch the magic!

#6: Yard Games || Some of Ben’s FAVE are Ladderball + Corn Hole.  Weekly intense family tournaments! Always a win win. 🙂
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#7: Neighborhood Flag Football! Round ’em up!

#8: Make them entrepreneurs || Teach them early! My son is in the process of starting his (decaffeinated) Arnold Palmer Stand!


#9: Backyard Camping || Fun for the whole family!

#10: Lions + Tigers + Book Worms, oh my! || Visit your nearest zoo and / or library! We have spent a lot of time this summer in our community library.  Take your kids to get their OWN library card and let them explore.

So there you have it!  Feel free to add your all time FAVE summer activities and be sure to shout out where you’re located! You might just give a mom near you, a nice little tip of something fun and new to do!

Love + Hugs


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