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We are already past the 7th episode of ‘The Bachelorette’ and I can’t believe all of the drama that has already gone down. Kaitlyn has had to make some difficult decisions thus far. I can’t even imagine the blood, sweat and tears that are to come as feelings grow deeper and decisions get harder.

I apologize for being MIA on my recaps. This summer has proven itself to be busier than expected, so bear with me as I recap on all my thoughts regarding the guys and this season thus far.

After watching the past 7 episodes, I am amazed at Kaitlyn’s ability to be completely in the moment and comfortable with each and every guy. Maybe it appeared to be the same during my season for viewers (I don’t know), but being there I had a hard time already knowing that I had stronger feelings for some and not the same for others, so making out with each guy or being completely in the moment with some just couldn’t happen. It shows that Kaitlyn is being completely vulnerable and open to this process, allowing herself to be in the moment with each guy, taking each relationship seriously. This helps us see the potential in a few different guys.

Let’s first discuss the late suitor… Nick.


Of course the guys weren’t going to be exactly thrilled to have a new guy walk in that has already had some sort of interaction with Kaitlyn outside of the show. I don’t fault them at all for being upset at first, but if they are confident in their relationship with Kaitlyn then they won’t care or feel threatened by Nick being there.

It seems as though the tension of him joining the group has died down for most of the guys, which means they are confident in Kaitlyn’s feelings for them. I like that Nick is being vulnerable and letting Kaitlyn know how he feels about her by even shedding some tears. They do have an undeniable connection, but can it lead to more than the physical?

I’m glad that he decided to come back because it may be good for Kaitlyn to compare what lust leads to and what love can lead to. At the end, this is what everyone weighs and that helps with making the right decision.

There is only one who can’t seem to get past Nick being there and is obviously worried about her connection with him.

THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 1106" - Six suitors are at first eerily unnerved and then, amused, when they attend a traditional "fake" Irish wake - for Kaitlyn - and must "eulogize" her. The bereaved and bemused bachelors bid a fond farewell to their beloved, who is hysterical with laughter listening to a raucous celebration of her life. At the cocktail party that night at the Guinness Storehouse the six men proceed to woo Kaitlyn, especially one hopelessly romantic bachelor. The recipient of the group date rose and Kaitlyn share a romantic private concert by the hit Irish rock band The Cranberries, but simultaneously, a very agitated man confesses that he is having a hard time watching the Bachelorette share her attention and affection with the other guys. He has a meltdown and reveals an explosive secret that only he and Kaitlyn know, on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JUNE 22 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Clodagh Kilcoyne) SHAWN B., KAITLYN BRISTOWE, TANNER

I hope that Shawn can stop getting in his head and getting all jealous about Kaitlyn talking to other guys. He is making the entire process harder on the both of them. Harder than what it already is. It’s not like she can just send everyone home and call it a day. Even if she wanted to that’s not how the show works. It takes time and so I hope he can see the larger picture and be patient with her and the process.

The one thing that kept Chris there during my season and far from jealousy is that he was able to 1) stay confident in our own relationship, and 2) compartmentalize the process. He kept what he had with me as one thing, what the other guys had with me another thing, and his friendships with the guys a separate thing as well, so that those different relationships and aspects of the process never overlapped. When they do, it causes comparison with others,  insecurity and jealousy. Some advice for anyone going on the show anytime soon.

Whatever the case may be, this is Kaitlyn’s journey and the men who don’t let this bother them will make it the furthest. Confidence in a relationship is sexy and is a needed quality in this type of circumstance. The one with the most confidence in the relationship tends to be the one chosen every season because everyone wants a husband or wife that believes 100% in what they have and isn’t quick to question that.

Here are my top 5 (6) guys from the season in no particular order:

1.) Ben H.: Thoughtful, mature, confident.

2.) Ben Z.: Manly, kind hearted, trustworthy, sad to see him go

3.) Jared: Shares a fun connection with Kaitlyn with the same humor. Potential.

4.) Joe: Country boy, charming, considerate

5.) Nick / Shawn: Open, honest

I’m excited to see how the end pans out and do hope that Kaitlyn finds what she is looking for in one of the men. I have enjoyed watching her and wish her nothing but the best. 😉

What do you think about this season so far and who is your favorite!?!


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