The BEST Tips + Tricks for Longer Hair



Long hair. We all want it at least at some point in our lives, but it takes a lot, and I mean A LOT of patience to grow your hair out. It’s especially hard when a new hairstyle trend pops up like the lob, because who doesn’t love a good lob?!

Tips + Tricks for Longer Hair

Less Heat= Healthier Hair! Try to take advantage of letting your hair air dry. It is a huge trend this summer to embrace your natural texture. Try going to bed with your hair wet, waking up and then adding a few tousled waves or putting it into a cute braid before you go to bed. Plus, its way less work for you!

Stop Washing Everyday! Dry Shampoos and Conditioners were created to allow us to stop washing our hair everyday. Take advantage of them! Start washing only twice a week, the more you train your hair by doing that, the less oil build up you will start to see. On day one of clean hair, wear it down. Day two, add some dry shampoo and maybe throw it half up if you are feeling a little oily. Day three put it into a cute messy bun or a textured braid. And Day four, WASH! By washing your hair less, you will also eliminate how much heat you are applying to your hair!

Get A Trim! The dreaded word we all hate to hear when we are trying to get long luscious locks, ‘haircut’! Unfortunately, it is a key step in getting your hair to grow. Typically, the standard timing for a trim is about 6-8 weeks. If you aren’t coloring your hair and following the above steps, you can probably push the timing to about 10-12 weeks. Leaving the split ends on your hair will just cause your hair to break off at the ends and look thin and frail. Therefore, without the trim, even if your hair is growing it will never really look long and thick!

Find A Good Colorist! In a perfect world, I would say to stop coloring your hair. But obviously, hair color is very important to a lot of us! Instead, find a great colorist who is truly concerned with the integrity of your hair while coloring. Make sure your colorist is not overlapping bleach on previously highlighted hair. This will just cause your hair to become brittle and most likely break off. Also, try to find a hair color you love that is low maintenance. (Refer back to my post last week on choosing the right hair color). And make sure to ALWAYS get a trim after a coloring service!

Get A Good Brush! After the shower, always use a good brush to detangle. The best brush to use is the Wet Brush. It is the only hairbrush you’ll ever need. Designed specifically for wet hair, the Wet Brush will detangle your knots with ease – no matter what hair type. You can get it HERE.

Lastly, Fake It! As always, if you can’t achieve the long hair, there are always extensions! Whether it is clip ins, tape ins, bonded, or weft; extensions have been designed for every type of hair need. Next week I will be breaking down the different types of extensions, which ones are right for you, and giving a ‘how to’ to applying extensions!

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XOXO, Amanda

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