What To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress


If you’re like most women, your wedding gown is the most tailored garment you will own—and part of getting the best fit is wearing proper undergarments. With careful planning, you can create a seamless foundation that keeps the attention on you and your beautiful gown. After all, a gown is only as good as its fit. Here’s what to wear underneath!

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Strapless A-lines or Ballgowns

Wedding gowns are marvelous constructions of boning and seaming. Together, these elements are beautifully orchestrated to hold you in and push you up in all the right places. To get the most out of your A-line or ballgown, purchase a seamless corset bra. Its smoothness will remain imperceptible under your dress and its structure will nip in your waist and support your cleavage. Since your gown has a full skirt, you have the chance to wear lacey or embellished underwear. Pick whatever makes you feel beautiful and sexy.

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Slinky Sheath

With slinky sheaths, the key for your undergarments is invisibility. Since slinky dresses often have straps, opt for a plunging seamless bra that will give you lift and shape in the bust. Avoid panty lines by slipping on a pair of high-waisted boyshorts. You will have ample booty coverage and an instant tummy tuck without anyone knowing how!

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Backless Dresses

Backs are a huge trend. Showcase yours with a stick-on bra. These self-adhesive bras create natural enhancement but are virtually indescribable. Just be sure to invest in one for all your fittings and a separate one for your wedding day because repeat usage undermines its stickiness. Add a low-rise thong and you will be good to go.

Still Uncertain?

Talk to your alterations specialist! If you have a unique situation—for example, a stick-on bra isn’t the best option if you’re busty—set up a time to discuss your options with your alterations specialist. These professionals can come up with the best solutions for your body. From building bustiers right into the gown to adding special loops so your bra straps won’t show, these fit gurus will leaving you glowing, from the inside out.

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