5 Thoughtful Gifts For The Bride


The bride is the most important person to please on her special day, so why not set the tone right with your friendship by gifting her one of these 5 incredible gifts. These personalized gifts are meant for the bride and can be gifted during her bridal shower, bachelorette party or even the morning of her wedding day.


#1: Embroidered Robe from Love Ophelia

* I absolutely love my personalized Love Ohelia robe and think it is the perfect gift for that special friend of yours on her wedding day or for her honeymoon. Personalize the back to say whatever you like.

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#2: Garter Belt from Hanky Panky

* A garter belt can often times be forgotten so why not surprise the bride with one at her Bridal shower. She will appreciate the thought and love that it’s one less thing for her to think about getting.


#3: Game of Love

* I recently learned of this new game that allows couples to create their own fun on their bed!! How fun is that? This is a fun gift for the newlyweds to enjoy.

#4: Lingerie

* Lingerie is always a fun gift to receive, especially during a bachelorette party or bridal shower where only females are present. I appreciated the lingerie I received from my friends because again that was one less thing I needed to think about and loved it!

#5: Mr., Mrs., + Misc items

* Gift the bride champagne flutes or cake cutting silverware for the wedding day or mugs that the newlyweds could use at home (my personal favorite).

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