BEAUTY: What I think about Lash Extensions


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Remember when hair extensions were all the rage? Clip ins, sew ins, glue-in hair, beads, etc.  There are so many different types hair extensions. Unfortunately, no matter how you use them, they can be damaging to your hair. I have personally tried both clip in hair extensions and the beads that hold the wefts of hair. Hair extensions put a lot of tension on my already thin and fragile hair, so I hardly use extensions anymore.

So what about eyelash extensions? If done correctly by a trained professional, are they damaging to your lashes the way hair extensions are? I would say no. After speaking with Megan Murphy from The iLashe Studio, a trained cosmetologist and certified in both Novalash and Xtreme Lash extensions, she calmed my fears of getting lash extensions. She explained to me the different types of glue used in the process, as well as how the hairs are placed. The technique she does only glues one false lash to one real lash. She explained that clumps of lashes glued to just one real lash may be more damaging since that’s more stress on the one piece of hair. She also explained that your lashes regrow every 30-60 days, so the eyelash extensions will shed with your real lashes.


My experience getting eyelash extensions was surprisingly a pleasant one. I felt so comfortable with Megan, I asked her a million questions, and to this day, my lashes have held up wonderfully. I have had them on now for about a week! The only downfall to this process is that you will be addicted. 🙂 I will be scheduling a fill in a month or so. haha! Hope you like my video this week and I would love to hear some feedback about your experiences and what works or doesn’t work for you.

XO Cassandra // @CassandraFergie

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