Get into ‘The Golden State of Mind’



Ah the golden state, good ‘ol California. You’ve seen the commercials to come visit. You’ve heard stories about the people who moved here to chase their dreams. And you may have even at one point entertained the idea of living here yourself. But somewhere along the way, someone told you Californians were weird. They play on the beach all day, eat kale and bleed money. Who in their right mind would want to live in California?

And we’re willing to say you’re right, California is exactly what you think it is: Rich, beautiful and entitled.

We are rich, in people. We are rich with culture, diversity and unique lifestyles. The people here are not afraid to be themselves. And that darling, that is priceless.

We are beautiful, in mind, body and spirit. We take care of our bodies, both mentally and physically. We love each other and ourselves. We appreciate what it means to eat well. We feed our minds with knowledge and technology.

We are entitled. Oh we are so entitled. Be it ocean waves, snow caped mountains, or miles of forest, the scenery is beautiful. And there is something beautiful about a place that truly recognizes their great gift.


So you might find yourself asking, where is this going? Is this an ode to California? No. This is letting you in on our little secret, the golden state of mind. At Established California we are all about community, pursuing your passions and embracing your fears. And the funny thing is you don’t have to have a California zip code to live like that. See California isn’t just a physical place, but a state of mind. So how does one achieve this? Check out our tips to live the golden state of mind.



Know yourself, know who you are, know what you want. Be confident in the things that make you, you! Own them, love them and embrace them. There is only one you out there, so be the best version of yourself. Knowing your truth and having the courage to live it and speak it is one of the greatest gifts of life. Being established in your life and who you want to be opens you up to receive what the universe has in store.



Get out there and live adventurously. Try something new, push yourself one step further, get in the last word, and make one last attempt. Each individual defines ‘adventure’ differently. There are no two adventures that are the same. So ask yourself what your adventure looks like. Find what your personal journey is and don’t be afraid to live it.



Live each moment with intent, be passionate about everything you do. Never follow the crowd or live to please anyone other than yourself. Have a thirst and craving for life while staying thankful. Be passionate in love and loss. Do not be afraid to feel life’s emotions. And feel each of them with the utmost passion possible.



Fear can be one of life’s biggest enemies. The victory of challenging and overcoming fear can be one of life’s greatest rewards. To challenge in life provides a secret gift from the universe for the feeling of accomplishment far exceeds the feeling of fear. Don’t succumb to the initial fear of the unknown, conquer it, challenge it. For when you challenge life’s moments, the gift of triumph is plentiful.



A life can only be as full as you allow it. So fill it up and love it, nurture it and stay humble. To love the life you lead feeds the soul and gives hope. Standing with a grateful heart and treating each moment with grace and honestly can lead you to the life you’ve always wanted; a life that is full and at it’s core, happy.

To Live California is to embrace each of these traits, for that is what makes the golden state of mind so beautiful. And when you know what your version of California is, you can pass the gift to others. And to teach, that is the most rewarding gift of all.

So there you have it, a guideline if you will. And what you do with this knowledge, how you share it that is up to you. At Established California we offer you a community. A community where minds that are both similar and different come together with respect and appreciation for the other. A place to be creative; be it through food, music, fashion, design or celebration. Where you can share with others your version of California and the golden state of mind in which you live. The zip code is not a requirement.

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Let us leave you with this challenge: wander, question, respect, accept, thank, love, laugh, cry, and above all else,

Be Established. Love Life. Live California


Established California is a lifestyle website from the minds of Lindsay Vacek, Megan Araujo and Nicole Woods. Three creative minded, California Natives who love the place in which they live. They were eager to inspire others in their community to share their passion for life. Created in early 2014, Established California works with creative individuals of all kinds to promote the idea of praising the innovative, artistic and imaginative. Come by or share your experience with #estcalifornia

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