Des + Jackie’s Bikini Boot Camp // Week 7: Des’s Favorites



Welcome to WEEK 7 of Bikini Boot Camp with Des and Jackie! We hope that you enjoyed last week’s workout and that you are starting to feel a difference in your energy level and body!

Don’t forget to stretch BEFORE and AFTER each workout. (Check out Des’s favorite STRETCHES for reference). Also, please note that posture and agility are very important in the performance of each exercise. Do not strain to achieve each workout and go at your own pace. All of the workout plans have been provided and in collaboration with my trainer Dave at Elite Fitness, so you can trust that they have been trainer tested and approved. 😉

DES’S FAVORITES: This week we will doing Desiree’s favorite workouts from the previous weeks that will target all of those bikini areas to get ready for Summer! To follow along and stay on track with our 8 week Bikini Boot Camp don’t forget to print off the calendars below.

——->    Download the Calendars: MAY / JUNE   <——-   

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Plank Alt-Plank

#1: Planks (one minute)

* With elbows shoulder width apart and hands together, to create a triangle shape, keep core tight and hips in line with spine. Stay in this position for one full minute.

*For advanced: Staying in plank position, tap right foot out then back to center. Alternate sides. (15x each leg)



* Beginning in an athletic stance, feet shoulder width apart, step left knee back for a reverse lunge. (Make sure front knee isn’t over ankle) As you come up bring the same leg into a front kick. Repeat same leg 15x before switching to other leg.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.16.31 AM#3: Tricep Dip (15x)

* On a bench, couch, chair or surface, place hands shoulder width apart (as shown) and knees in line with ankles. Make sure knees are not in front of the ankles or feet.  Dip down with elbows straight back (not out to sides) to about shoulder level or ONLY as low as you can go and then back up to the starting position. Repeat 15x.


#4: Side Mountain Climbers (30x)

* In a push up position, move left knee out and towards elbow (as shown). Alternate legs for 30x total.


#5: V-Ups (15x)

* With your lower back on the ground, arms to the side, feet together and a few inches off the ground, tighten your abs and core to bring arms up to the knees. (as shown). Repeat 15x.

(For advanced: Do not bend knees and keep legs straight as you come up, reaching toward your toes.)


#6: Lying Hip Thrusters (30x or 15x each leg)

* Lie down on your back with knees bent and feet together. Raise hips up towards the sky. Repeat 30x.

For advanced: Keep one leg straight (as shown) as you do 15x per side.


This should be about a 20 minute workout when all said and done, leaving you a bit sweaty but ready for more. Don’t forget to STRETCH it out! Try our Smoothie Challenge from last year for a better way to enjoy breakfast!

We want to see how you are doing with the workouts so don’t forget to tag @Jackie_Parr and @DesHartsock with #DesJackieBootcamp!

See you next week!


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