4 MUST-Visit Honeymoon Locations within the U.S.


It’s the final chapter of your wedding journey and the blissful respite after the busyness of the wedding day. The honeymoon. Best part of all? It’s just you two adventurers, a few suitcases, and the thrill of discovering new places for the first time. Here are our favorite, unexpected destinations to love and explore as Mr. and Mrs., all found within the United States.


For the love of the old, as you both begin the new:

St. Augustine, Florida

Find old world romance at America’s very first city, St. Augustine. Modern offerings like five-star restaurants and vibrant nightlife are layered on top of Spanish architecture, all highlighting the city’s enduring history. Take a late night carriage ride through the city or cross the stately Bride of Lions to visit Florida’s oldest lighthouse, which sits just beyond the downtown lights.


Lose yourselves—and your hearts—to nature:

Paws Up, Montana

The resort at Paws Up, Montana redefines camping for honeymooners and boasts gorgeous canvas tents surrounded by acres of untouched nature. The tents are situated on riverbanks or amid groves of towering trees, immersing you in the wild while still providing the comforts of soft beds and bathtubs (for two, of course!). Personal butlers service your campground and can help you fish, plan a hike, or rent a canoe. You will find that Ralph Waldo Emerson’s advice—“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air”—is just what you and your love need.


But first, my love, let’s eat:

Seattle, Washington

Surrender to gastronomical magic in Seattle, America’s foodie capitol. Wander the iconic Pike Place Market, where chefs cull from open-air stalls for their restaurants, or hit up Seattle’s flourishing food truck scene. If it gets a little rainy, take breakfast in bed with Le Panier’s famous croissants or stay dry at a chocolate making class at The Chocolate Box (they also have an extensive wine collection to pair with your handmade sweets).


If music be the food of love:

Detroit, Michigan

Unleash your inner rock stars in Detroit, Michigan, where musical greats like Eminem, the White Stripes, and Elaine Stritch have their roots. Get your grooves on at the Motown Historical Museum or go classical at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Finally, find the perfect souvenir at People’s Records, a hallowed establishment that buys and sells vinyl records. With a specialization in jazz, funk, soul, blues, and rock, you and your love will find the perfect sound of Detroit to bring home.

For travel to any destination check out some of our favorite finds:

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