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Wedding planning can be a full time job with all of the decisions that need to made, and can take your focus away from more important matters. There’s a long to-do list, family and friend’s opinions, and strategic planning that no one can understand until they have been there. Well, I’ve been there, and through our wedding planning I learned a lot!

Our wedding was everything we ever wanted it to be. It was filled with friends, family, love and a whole lot of dancing, but those memories can only be protected when insured.


As a girl, we imagine the day our prince charming proposes to us without really thinking about the responsibility that comes along with wearing our engagement ring and wedding band. Making sure they won’t fall off in water, that you don’t accidentally leave them anywhere and that you protect them with all of your being can cause unnecessary anxiety or worry. Engagement rings and wedding bands can only take so much protection from our everyday distractions and why insuring your beautiful gems with Jewelers Mutual will give you the ultimate protection.

We learned quickly, from our parents, that these special pieces of jewelry needed to be insured and so I’m passing that important piece of advice off to you.


When you insure your wedding bands, you’re not only protecting the jewelry itself, but preserving those special moments shared on your wedding day. Jewelers Mutual understands this and why their policy and coverage allows you to wear your jewelry without worry, knowing that it will be covered against any type of damage or loss. They have been in business for over 100 years and have only specialized in protecting jewelry so you can trust that their passion will offer much needed support if your jewelry were to ever be lost or stolen.

I must say that this peace of mind helps when traveling or during activity, because I can be confident that if something were to happen, my rings wouldn’t be lost forever. Jewelers Mutual also caters to each and every lifestyle and offers broad, comprehensive coverage, worldwide protection for travelers, flexibility to work with your own jeweler, personal assistance when needed, 24/7 account access, and the best of all, is that they are compassionate to any loss, with a fast and professional claim experience.


Each piece of jewelry symbolizes your love and commitment, so from the moment he proposes make sure your ring is insured!

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