5 Minute Up-do for A Night Out



Up-dos are a word that many of us women tend to stray away from. I’m guessing (based on personal experience) that 9 out of 10 women have had a bad experience in a salon when it came time for a formal style. Why? Well, nobody wants to look like they are going to prom anymore! Whether it be a formal event or you’re in a wedding, the struggle to get the perfect “effortless” upstyle is definitely a problem for us women.

Continuing with the summer trend with “lived in” styles, I created an updo that is easy, requires no curling, straightening, or professional assistants, and best of all, it falls into the Five Minute Hairstyles!


What you Need:

Bobby Pins/Hair Pins


Texture Hairspray ( of course)

How To:

Step One: To start, wash your hair the night before and put it into two french braids while it was still wet. *Tip- it is always better to have second day hair when doing an updo. Once hair is dry in the morning, take the braids out and begin by spraying a dry texture spray all over hair to help manage easier and add volume. Note: hair doesn’t need to be wavy, work off of your natural hair texture.

Step Two: Section off the hair in front of your ears, and section off the hair on the crown. With the remaining hair, secure into a low messy bun with an elastic. (The bun doesn’t need to be perfect at all)!

Step Three: With the hair on the crown, bring it down and secure it with a bobby pin directly above the bun. Twist ends around bun and pin with either a hair pin or a bobby pin.

Step Four: Begin to twist hair from one side of the head around the bun and pin. *Tip- this style is meant to be messy, no need to make every twist or section perfect! Continue this process with remaining hair on the sides. Pinning all ends around the bun.

Step Five: Pull out any pieces to frame the face. Pull up at your roots to add extra height. Pin any remaining flyaways into the bun.

Step Six: Finish off with a texture hairspray!


Play around with this style, by changing where you pin the pieces.

Watch the video below for a better visual of how to achieve this look.






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