Chris’s Corner: Compliments + Wood Watches



Hey there, all you Chris’s Corner followers!

I hope you are all enjoying your week and looking forward to an amazing weekend. I don’t know where you are at right now, but Seattle is the place to be this weekend. It is supposed to be sunny and about 80 degrees all weekend! I can’t complain, Summer is here for us. Des and I were fortunate enough to take a quick trip to Jamaica this past week and enjoyed some sun, a few storms and music by Mark Ballas and his girlfriend BC! Oh yea, Shaggy was there too haha. Have you ever seen Shaggy in person? He is a very good performer and gets the crowd into the music quickly – he IS Mr. Lova Lova himself though.

After taking a few trips this year with Des – Hawaii for the honeymoon, Mexico for her birthday and Jamaica most recently to listen to some Shaggy and relax at the Sandals Ochi Beach Resort – I’ve come to the realization that getting semi-dressed up is a must for dinners. One, it’s fun to look nice with your significant other on vacation, over a candlelight dinner, on the water!


Two, it makes packing a little more challenging than I think it should be, but looking good comes with a price. haha. One of my biggest issues is trying to color coordinate and match belt with watch with shoes… I am a black/brown shoe and black/brown watch kind of guy right now. Recently, I got a Jord brown watch that is made of wood. That is right, WOOD!


I can’t tell you how many people have been interested in this watch in the last three weeks. Okay, so we went back east two weeks ago for a baseball event, not sure if you saw the pics on Instagram or not yet, and I wore that wood watch. Both on the plane and at the field I was stopped by three people (two guys and a girl) who asked me about the watch then complimented me on how cool and trendy it looked. I said thank you of course.

Then, Des and I took the train down to New York from Connecticut, played around in NYC for the day and when we got on the subway to head downtown from Central Park a guy came up to me and said he loved the watch and started searching for Jord watches right then!


I’m not one to like that much attention drawn to me, let alone my wrists, but this was a first for any item or article of clothing on my body that has gotten this much attention.

Fast forward to Jamaica. Airport, Sandals Resort, Dinner and a handful of couples and compliments later I realized Jord watches was on to something. Everyone liked the watch. Me, being a friendly guy, or at least I like to think I am friendly, would take the watch off and hand it over for them to try on and see how light the watch really is.


So between my wood watch and Des on my other arm… well let’s just say people noticed me. haha. Check them out on their website ( and let me know what you think.

JORD Wooden Watches

I am out! Have a great rest of the week and happy #TBT


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