‘Something Borrowed’ Wedding Ideas


There are so many details to think about when planning a wedding that the sentiments you intended to include get lost in the shuffle. Below are 4 ways to include ‘Something Borrowed’ for your special day!


The Dress: Although times and trends have changed since our mothers got married, it’s a special thing when their dress is worn again by a daughter. A great way to incorporate your mothers gown for your wedding day is to use it as a base and have it altered to meet your needs. (as long as your mom is ok with that of course). __Something_Blue_Wedding_Photography_201504140004_low__Something_Blue_Wedding_Photography_0126_low__Something_Blue_Wedding_Photography_201504140003_low

The Venue: Get married where your parents got married, how ever many years ago. It will bring back memories for your parents and for family members, while still being a special new beginning and moment for you.


The Jewelry + Accessories: I love the idea of jewelry being passed down through the generations. This is the best way to include something borrowed for your wedding day that will be sure to accent your gown nicely.


The Trim: The trim of your mother’s gown or a vintage piece of lace from a grandmother make for the perfect ‘something borrowed’ to wrap around your wedding bouquet or to use as a garter.


Feel free to share your ‘Something Borrowed’ in the comments below.

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