Say Goodbye to Heat + HELLO to Summer Hairstyles



Between going to the beach, pool parties, and that deadly humidity- finding an acceptable hairstyle can be quite a task.  This summer do yourself a favor and put away the blowdryer, curling irons, and straighteners, and say hello to these heat free hairstyles!

Summer Products We LOVE: 

All of these styles were created with only two hair products.

The first, and definitely a MUST for summer, is Fave4’s “Up for Air, the first ever air dry cream!!  Up for Air is specifically designed to help hair air dry with less frizz and?more smoothness while embracing the hair’s natural texture. Apply this cream to wet air and then create any of these styles below.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.33.21 PMAnd secondly, if you haven’t experienced the power of a dry texture spray then you are missing out on hair heaven!

Fave4 Texture Takeover is the other product used to create all of these Summer Styles.  Texture Takeover is a texture spray, volumizing spray, dry shampoo, and hairspray all in one! In other words, it’s the spray that’s going to make your hair look 10X fuller and thicker…AMAZING! I use it in every single style I do- wet or dry hair.

To Experience Hair Heaven, head to to get these products. From now until June 8th enter in promo code DESIREE at checkout for 20%off all products


The Real Beach Waves 

To get a super beachy wave- Braid your hair when hair is wet. Let dry, and then run your fingers through the waves to break them up.


Casual Ponytail

Let hair air dry and either tie hair into a high or a low sleeker pony for an effortless look.



Whether a French braid or a fishtail braid, this trend isn’t going anywhere and is a perfect style to give your hair a break from the heat.


Top Knots 

Tie hair into a ponytail, twits the ponytail and then wrap around in a circle to create the perfect messy bun.

XO, Amanda


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