Bluefish, Baseball + City Bliss in CT + NYC



We began our trip to Connecticut from Seattle with silly faces and excitement!

Whenever Chris and I get to travel together, we make sure to make the most of every moment. He’s my partner in crime, partner in adventure and partner in life, so I was excited to see him in uniform for a Bridgeport Bluefish baseball game last weekend. Although Chris didn’t get to play with the guys, he still got to re-live his moments playing minor league baseball and talk with a few that were actually old teammates.


While Chris was reminiscing about old times, I was smitten with my man in uniform and enjoying every moment of being at a ballpark witnessing good old-fashioned entertainment. The atmosphere of any baseball game is fun to be apart of, but getting to meet new people and join in on the activities was absolutely priceless. I got to throw out the first pitch, which I have never done before, and I will have to say that I wasn’t too bad. It helped that Chris was on the other end of the throw catching it though. 😉


We mingled with some fun fans and enjoyed a lovely night in a new place. Overall, we loved being in Connecticut and hope to make it back again one day.


After a full day of baseball, we woke up early to catch a train to take us into the city. New York City to be exact. Since we were only about an hour away, we figured why not go and explore?


Our first stop was Central Park of course! It was such a gorgeous sunny day that we needed to make the most of it. We followed the locals to their sun-bathing grounds and enjoyed a walk to get a coffee at Le Pain, settled among the pathways and trees.


After our trip of selfies, I realized that we may have to give in and buy a selfie stick for better pics! lol. Who has one and which brand is the best!??


We stayed at the Warwick Hotel which is close to Central Park and near where we have stayed before so the area was familiar. It’s a beautiful hotel with nice sized rooms and a comfy bed. I would definitely recommend this hotel for anyone looking to stay in NYC anytime soon. The staff was helpful, it was located near some really good restaurants and close enough to shops, if shopping is a must on your itinerary.


From Central Park we hopped onto the subway and went south to see Ground Zero and the memorial. We were hoping to make it to Battery Park to see the statue of Liberty in all of her shining glory, but unfortunately our trip was too spontaneous. I guess you have to plan for those types of things we came to find out. Well noted for next time.


The new building, where the World Trade Center towers once were, is magnificent in its grandeur and detail. When looking at it from below it looks as if it goes to a point like a pyramid, but from a distance you can see that is an illusion. The entire area was quiet, paying respect to the lives lost on 9/11. I can’t even imagine what it was like on that horrific day, but it’s nice to see that people from all over the world come to pay their respects.

The names on the fountain memorial bring to light the impact that day had on so many lives, families and loved ones. They will forever be in our thoughts.

From the memorial you can walk just a few blocks to the water’s edge to see Liberty herself standing in strength and beauty on her island. We happened to catch it right as an old ship was going by. A vision that brought the Statue of Liberty’s meaning to life, as I was reminded of the many that have crossed those waters for freedom. It’s quite incredible.


A day in New York is always a good day. We had a blast that day, enjoying good food and people watching, as we made new memories together. New York is for dreamers, lovers, artists, and of course for tourists like me! It is an inspiring city that I will always love to visit.

Until next time.. enjoy your travels! 

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