Summer Hair Health Tips



With the warm weather quickly approaching, now is the time to start protecting your hair from the sun & heat! Whether your hair gets super dry ,or the second you walk outside the humidity makes your hair frizz right up, we will be giving all the secrets to keeping your hair moisturized & frizz free this summer!

RULE 1: Hair gets Thirsty!

Just like your skin, hair needs moisture too! Think of it like this: without water a human cannot survive. Without moisture, hair cannot survive. Especially in the summer heat! You may notice that in the summer season, hair begins to look dull & lifeless or ends look extremely brittle- this is your hair telling you it needs help.

Tips for Moisturizing Hair:

* Always, always, always condition your hair! Conditioner is like lotion to the skin or water to the body- hair needs it to survive. If you’re like me, conditioner is too heavy & weighs down my hair.  In this case, concentrate it more at the ends. Or if you’re not washing your hair everyday, use a dry shampoo at your roots to soak up any oil, but then spray a leave in  dry conditioner to your ends to continue to protect your hair from drying out.

* A great leave in conditioner : Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil : $28


RULE 2: Give Your Hair a Break

Summer is the perfect time to embrace your natural hair. Stop with the blowdrying, straightening, and curling and take advantage of the trend being “lived in looks.” That means braids, top knots, and sea salt waves.

Tips for Styling:

* After you wash your hair, put it into a loose braid and go. Once hair is dry, take it out and spray a texture spray to get that perfect undone wave!

*  Tie your hair up into a top knot after leaving the beach or swimming pool, let it dry and take it out for a no kink, smoothed out hairstyle.

* Before braiding, top knotting, or just simply letting air dry- add a moisturizing cream or leave in conditioner to help repair dry/damaged ends! Fave4 Hair is releasing the first ever Air Dry cream- perfect to repair hair while fighting any frizz from humidity! UP FOR AIR $161


RULE 3: Lastly, what we all dread..HUMIDITY!

It is that nasty word that we all dread the most, humidity! Without it, we would all have beautiful frizz-less hair with continuous volume and hair that held for days. But why be able to have perfect hair without any struggle, that would be no fun! That’s why humidity was created. To start, we need to understand what causes frizz; Dry, porous hair sucks up moisture from the humid air, which causes the hair shaft to swell and kink all over the place. Therefore, causing frizz!

Tips to Fight the Frizz:

* First step is adding moisture (if you missed it- head on up to the top of this post)! Without moisture, hair automatically looks dry/lifeless.

* For fine hair, use more of a lighter smoothing serum or gel. Make sure it is water based. Avoid using a cream, because it is heavier and will just cause the hair to be completely weighed down. Apply just to the ends while hair is damp.

* If you have to blow-dry, try using an ionic blow-dryer. Ionic blow-dryers reduce frizz by compressing the cuticle, which eliminates the possibility of hair puffing up.

* Avoid using too much or too heavy of hairspray.  There is a lot of alcohol in hairspray, and alcohol can swell up the hair cuticle, causing the hair to puff up. Therefore, creating frizz!

* Try this humidity blocking spray, great for thin fine hair: No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray $26


So this summer, instead of fighting with your hair, bring it back to life! And embrace the natural “living” looks that are so on trend. Remember moisture, moisture, moisture!!!

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XOXO, Amanda


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