How to WRAP your baby



?Hey you guys!

So today, Jax and I are going to show you how to use your baby wrap!  I have become slightly obsessed with the whole idea since Jax was born.  Your baby stays close to your heart, is safe and secure, and not to mention, you can actually cook, clean, do laundry, and anything else you need to do!

It is really amazing the things you can get done with a newborn as you’re wearing them!  In my video, I am wearing a Modern Wrap {use RENEE15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase}. These have been my absolute FAVE.  They are very lightweight, thin, and not a ton of extra fabric! There are several different types of baby wearing brands, so be sure to read and follow the instructions that come with your wrap.


How•To Use Your Modern Wrap

• Start with the tag in the center of your waste

• Cross the ends behind your back. Hold on to the the top edge to keep the fabric flat and untwisted

• Gather the two ends and pull through the middle section

• Pull down tight and make sure it feels snug on your body

• Cross the  two shoulder straps over one another

• Pull behind your back and tie, or if you have extra fabric, wrap back around to the front, tie in a knot:)


How•To Put Your Baby In Your Wrap!

• Put your baby’s leg through the strap that is closest to your body.  Speed the fabric around the babes back and bum so it’s nice and smooth

• Put the babes other let through the second step.  Be sure to speed the fabric across the back and bum from knee to knee

• Pull the fabric from knee to knee to create a secure seat

• Pull the tag section up and over baby’s back

• You can leave the legs tucked in the tag section, or pull the legs through // See which your baby prefers. You can also tuck your baby’s head in one of the shoulder sections for extra head support.


So there you have it! Watch the video below for a better visual of how to wrap your baby and feel free to comment below with your thoughts on Baby Wearing!


Renee + Jax

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