Chris’s Corner: ‘Uncle Chris’



Hey Corner followers!

This week I thought I’d share something a little more personal since I don’t normally do that.  I don’t know if you know this, but I am an uncle to three nephews and one niece! This wasn’t shared too much on the show, over two years ago already, but it’s true! This last weekend I spent some time with the youngest nephew of them all when most of my family came up to hang out for Mother’s Day. Now now now, I know what you are thinking. I am not a mother so why would family be coming up to Seattle to spend Mother’s Day with us?! Well, I will have you know, my mom wanted to come spend Mother’s Day with us in Seattle and we had a great time.

Before she and the rest of the fam got to Seattle, my brother, his wife and our nephew Holden stayed with us for an extra night so that we got to put in some quality time with the little guy. It was great! He is just about to talk, runs around the house like crazy and is quite the little helper. I think he is going to take after his dad and want to build/fix everything. His dad is quite the handyman (that gene skipped a child) and Holden is right by his side fixing things all the time.


Being an uncle isn’t too tough when you live three to four hours away and the kid can’t even talk, but when I am around him, it makes me want to be around all of them more. Don’t get any ideas…kids are not in our near future right now. I do NOT have baby fever yet. Actually quite the opposite. I cherish my sleep and freedom. haha. I think Des does too… I do love being an uncle though and playing with the little tike.

It’s amazing to think how simple life is when you are that small and you are so dependent upon your parents to do almost everything for you. Really at that age you are kind of like a dog. You eat, sleep, poo and get toys to play with. You don’t have a tail to entertain you, but you do run around in circles entertaining yourself and that is something I would love to do on a regular basis. haha.

Are any of you out there uncles or aunties? Share with us some of your favorite experiences and not so favs!

Until next time corner followers, Go Cubs! And Mariners.


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