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With wedding season right around the corner, the stress of what you’re going to wear, how you’re going to do your makeup, and most importantly how you are going to style your hair! As a bride, it is much easier to have a vision with how you want to look on the big day, but what about the bridesmaids? It’s actually much harder to choose the right hairstyle. As a bridesmaid, you don’t want to choose a hairstyle that will take away from the bride, however you also want to choose a style that is a little more done up then your day to day look.

Bridesmaids, look no further! I brought in one of my lead stylists, April, to create two very simple, yet formal hairstyles perfect for any bridesmaid.

What you need


Bobby Pins/Hair Pins

Texture Hairspray


Step By Step

  1. Start by parting your hair to wherever you feel most comfortable. *Hair can either be straight, wavy, or curled – whatever you prefer!
  1. Leaving a few pieces out around your hairline to create a softer look, begin a French fishtail braid.

French Fishtail How To: Begin with two sections. Grab a strand from the outside of the right section & cross over to join the left section. Repeat on the left side crossing over to the right. Now continue this process, but this time add hair in to the strand from the outside of the head and then cross all over to the left. Repeat on the left side.

  1. Continue the French fishtail, moving your hands or body in the direction you want the braid to go. Once you get to the side of the head where it starts to curve around, switch into just a standard fishtail (not adding hair in from the outside of the head. Once braid is completed spray with your texture hairspray
  1. Begin to stretch out the fishtail by pulling at one side and then the other. Stop stretching when you get to the part where the braid turns into a French fishtail. Secure with an elastic.
  1. Repeat the exact same steps on the left side.
  1. Once both sides are completed, take one braid and pin across the back of the head. Stack the other braid right on top.
  1. This could be your completed style for an option. Continue with steps for another style option.
  1. To switch up the style, instead of pinning the braids, twists the braids together. With the part of the braid that is a French fishtail, pull down on the strands only on one side of the braid to stretch out.
  1. Once twisted, wrap the entire braid into a bun. Secure bun with hairpins.
  2. Pull up at the roots to add a little extra lift. Spray with your texture hairspray to add a little extra hold.

These are two simple and amazing bridesmaid hairstyles perfect for any wedding. Continue to check back for more bridal hair inspiration!

Special thanks to April from Blohaute for this amazing hairstyle that lasted me all night.


Amanda & April

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