Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2015

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I love to travel! It’s made up in my DNA and there’s no getting rid of it! Traveling allows you to enjoy new sights, meet new people, and to create lasting memories in far away cities and lands. What doesn’t sound fabulous about that!?

I know that you have a bucket list laying around somewhere, so why not get it out and start crossing off some places you’ve been dying to visit!

 Check out the lovely locations that made TripAdvisor’s current Top 10 Destinations to visit this year and share where you want to go!?


Las Vegas

*Las Vegas is one of those places that even if you don’t have a desire to relish in the entertainment, clubs and shows, you’re still curious as to what all the buzz is about and have to check it out for yourself. There are always amazing deals to Vegas from almost any large city in America. Check out these hotel deals and plan your next birthday, bachelorette, or anniversary bash now.


New York City

*Sophistication and prestige are a few words that could describe New York City. The city itself is nostalgic and offers so much to see that no matter who you are, you will have a wonderful time. Each area of New York offers something different so make sure you’re staying where you want to be.



I just celebrated my 29th birthday just outside of Cancun, but no matter where you stay in this area you will have a tropical, relaxing, vacation. For honeymoons and special occasions you can never go wrong with staying in Cancun.



* Paris is a dream. A story book of a place that encompasses style, intrigue and the Eiffel tower of course! I want to book a ticket to go here now. See what deals TripAdvisor has to offer for your Parisian escape and check out Lesley Murphy’s trip to Paris HERE.



The castles, the royalty, the fashion, the city, and the sight to see are only some of the amazing things to explore in London. This is one city that will never disappoint! Want to cross the pond for your next trip? Find London hotels HERE.


Punta Cana

* I have yet to make it to Punta Cana, but the pristine beaches and picturesque images I come across are enough to make it on my bucket list of places to see. The perfect tropical escape!



* Chris and I took a week long adventure and honeymoon to Hawaii just this January. There is absolutely nothing about Hawaii you wouldn’t love. The beautiful sand beaches with majestic views are only 2 of the many features that the different islands offer. Go to a luau, learn to surf, get a couples massage, and enjoy the sunshine every second you get.

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Washington DC

*I had the opportunity to visit Washington DC while in high school and will always remember the incredible historic sites, including the White House and the Monument! An educational trip that everyone must have on their bucket list.



* Ok so I’m pretty sure Orlando is on this list because of Disney World, Epcot, and Universal of course! I mean, what little kid doesn’t beg his or her parents for years to go to Disney World? I never went as a kid, but I definitely made it there just a few years back and felt like I was a kid again. The best adventure a family can ever have! Find a Hotel for your next family vacation.

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San Francisco

* One city that I adore almost as much as Seattle is San Francisco. The hills, the narrow townhouses in a colorful line and the Golden Gate Bridge create a world of its’ own. I love the ambiance of the city and also how clean it is! A trip here is a must.

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