Stretch it Out in Style


DSC_0458(Stretch the lower back by placing one knee over the other (as shown) and placing the opposite elbow behind that knee.)

Stretching is one of the most important aspects of working out! Alongside drinking enough water, stretching helps to prevent injury, warm up the muscles, and to relieve soreness.

There are many stretches that I enjoy doing before and after every workout. Check out some of my favorites below and feel free to share your go-to stretches in the comments!


With left leg in a front lunge position, twist the upper body to the left side, keeping back straight. You should feel the right hip being stretched. Switch legs and repeat to get the left side.


With left leg, side lunge and press towards that dropped knee for opposite leg stretch. Repeat on the right leg.


Standing with legs out, stretch your body down to each side to stretch out each leg.


In a seated position, bring feet together and into the body as much as possible for optimal stretch (as shown). Lean forward for a deeper stretch.


I think this may be my favorite workout outfit of all time! The ombre Brooks pants and comfortable running shoes are a must.


Laying down on your back, bring knees up and parallel to the mat. Cross left foot over to right knee and bring right knee into body without lifting shoulders or head. Switch legs and repeat.


Cross knees over each other and place your hands on the lower calf (above ankle). Pull legs into your body without lifting head. Love this stretch for the glutes!


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Enjoy staying hydrated and stretching out before each Bikini Boot Camp workout!

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