Chris’s Corner: I Get it from my Momma



Well this is awkward…I feel like we haven’t talked in forever and I’m not sure where to begin…

Let me start by saying welcome back and I am welcoming you back with open arms! Hi. 😉

This week is brought to you by me. I want to talk with you about Mother’s Day as it is one of the most important holidays of the year. I mean our mom did carry us around for nine months enjoying all sorts of pains, comments and hands touching her belly. At the very least she gets one entire day to herself! I want to start off by telling you I am so proud to have my mom in my life and thankful of our relationship we have today. She’s done an amazing amount of everything for me and if it wasn’t for her I’m sure I’d be someone different. Not a momma’s boy. Let me share with you an amazing story about my mom and one of the many adventuers we shared together.


It was 2000 and I was about 15 years old. One of the most amazing soundtracks of our time came out…DMX and I had it in my posession for some reason. I think one of my friend’s got it for me because we all know I wasn’t old enough to buy explicit CDs yet. Now one of the coolest things my mom has ever committed to was driving my sister and I to and from school every single day from about the age of 11 to 15. One hour. Each way. It was crazy cool. She would also take me to practice two times per week and soccer games on both Saturday and Sunday – also one hour each way. We put so many miles on the car and spent so much time together that it was as if we lived out of our car the majority of our adolescent lives. We took naps in there, did homework, studied for tests, changed for games and even occasionally got dropped off at the local bowling alley or movie theater to go on the most uncomfortable sophomoric date ever. You know what I’m talking about. The date where your parents have to drop you off because you aren’t old enough to drive, then also pick you up as you are awkwardly about to try and kiss your date!

Anyway, she was committed. Well one day I had the DMX cd in my bag and put it into the car stereo without thinking much of the outcome because I wanted to hear some Party Up DMX music. We were half way through our trip in Newberg, Oregon, close by to where my brother spent most of the last 5 years working at the hospital out there, when my mom realized there were not only swear words in this song, but the drug lyrics, sex and other profanities that came along with that song were more than any pre-busecent teen needed to hear. Faster than I could say stop, she ejected that cd at the same time as she rolled my window down and tossed it out of our 55 mph moving house on wheels!

At first, I complained like any other teenager would about losing the most important thing in their life at that moment. But, I realized after a good verbal lashing that maybe she was right and I didn’t need to be listening to that music at my age….around her at least. hahaha. Needless to say that one day of not listening to profaine music saved me and made me the person I am today and for that I thank my mom every day. She had my best interest at heart, always did and still doe. That’s why I love her.


Make sure to call your mom if you can. She will appreciate it. At the very least, just say thank you. It’s a great day for her and no matter if she tells you she doesn’t want anything, she at least wants a phone call.

Happy Thursday and Happy 3 days before Mother’s Day to you all!

Until next time.


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