4 Gift Ideas for Your Groom


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He’s marrying you—which, let’s be honest, is the best gift of all! But show your groom a little extra love with a unique groom’s gift tailored to his personality. Have it hand delivered by your maid of honor while you are getting ready. It will show that, despite all the flurried busyness of the wedding morning, he is the only one on your mind.

Here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect groom’s gift.

If he’s a romantic at heart…

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Present him with boudoir pictures featuring you in natural lighting, tousled hair, and soft lacy negligees. Wrap yourself in your veil or slip on your garter to give the photos a distinctly bridal feel. Put them in an envelope labeled “For His Eyes Only” and have it delivered with his favorite whiskey.

If you’re in the Seattle area, my friend Andria Lindquist rocks at Boudoir sessions!


If he’s stylish…


Get him an elegant watch engraved with your wedding date and both your initials. Wrap a classic black ribbon around it with a note that says “Time can’t go fast enough. I’m so excited to see you in just three hours” (or whatever amount of time is left before the wedding). It will always remind him of counting down the minutes to see you.


If he’s a superhero fan…


Indulge his man crush on Batman or Captain America. Buy him a vintage comic featuring his favorite superhero and pair them with a pair of superhero socks for a playful, sweet touch. Be sure to add a note reminding him that you love the ways he “saves” you each and every day.


If he’s a sports enthusiast…

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Buy him two tickets and a T-shirt for his beloved team. Show him some of your own team spirit by taking a Polaroid of you wearing the shirt and slip it into the gift. Not only will he love the tickets, he’ll think of you every time he wears the shirt.




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