Day to Night Hairstyle in 5 Minutes



This Twisted Half Up Style is one of the easiest and most versatile hairstyles. It requires absolutely no products or styling tools. Adding a few twists to any basic hairdo automatically dresses it up and makes it appear far more intricate and complicated. And the best thing about it… it only takes 5 mins!

Step By Step 

1.) Start with either straight or curly hair. Grab a section of on the top half of your head and gather together. Pin in the center back of your head with a bobby pin. *Pin the bobby pin horizontally on either side to secure.

 2.) Gather a section of hair from the right side of your head, twist away from your face and pin right over the first set of bobby pins.

 3.) Repeat this step on the left side. Continue this pattern a few times.

 4.) Tug at the top of your hair if you feel like it is a little flat and needs some added lift.

 5.) Stretch out the twists to appear a bit more undone and not so structured.

 6.) If you want to just wear your hair half up then you are finished!! [Symbol]

 7.) If not, gather the rest of the remaining hair and tie directly underneath twists with elastic.

 8.) Wrap a small amount of hair around elastic to cover.



 XO, Amanda

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