How to Create the Perfect Flower Arrangement


Hey there! Michaela here. I’m back for my monthly home post and I’m not sure about you, but I ADORE flowers.

Most weeks I pick up an inexpensive bouquet of tulips, or whatever is in season at the time, for my dining table, but sometimes it’s fun to experiment and do grander arrangements. Want to learn how to take grocery store flowers and make them look more professional? I’m here to share some tips!

1. Always start by cleaning out your vase of choice for the arrangement. Fill with cool, clean water.

2. Tape the top of your vase into a grid so your flowers have a foundation. You can get clear floral tape, but I use scotch tape and it works just fine!

3. Start with your greenery on the outer edges of your grid. Be sure to remove all leaves below the water line of the vase, or leaves will create bacteria in the water. Then add in your main (or largest) flowers. I chose Hydrangeas because they are fluffy and take up a big portion of the large vase.

Here’s a peek at how the stems are resting on the tape grid:

4. Next, add in your supporting flower (we chose coral charm peonies!) I placed two more open peonies in the front of the bouquet and three that hadn’t bloomed yet in the back.

5. Fill in with smaller flowers, like Ranunculus and Tulips.

6. At the very end, I added just a few sprigs of this lavender colored bloom. I think it adds some sweet color and fills in the holes a little!

Other tips for arranging flowers:

– As soon as you get home from the store with your flowers, cut their stem at a diagonal and emerge into cool, fresh water.

– Right before you place them in your arrangement, give them another cut at an angle, just to be sure they are getting enough water.

– Our eyes prefer things grouped in odd numbers. If your arrangement looks “off”, be sure you have an odd number of blooms. This will help!

– Play around with the positioning of each stem and don’t give up. If you want it in a specific area, keep trying!

– Change the water every 2 days and give the flowers fresh cuts.

– If you have Tulips in your bouquet, place a penny at the bottom of the vase and the Tulips will stand up straighter.

Be sure to share your arrangements with us on Instagram by tagging me (@michaelanoelledesigns) and Desiree! It’s amazing what some pretty flowers can do to make you find joy in your home.

Come say hello on my blog soon! Would love to meet you.



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