How to Create a Fuller + Longer Ponytail


How to Create a Fuller + Longer Ponytail

Ponytails are truly a girls best friend, but how do you transform an average pony to not your average ponytail?! It is actually the easiest hairstyle I have taught yet. We all want that long luscious ponytail, but how can that be achieved without long, thick hair? EASY!

 What you need 


Texture Spray

Teasing Brush

How to Create a Fuller + Longer Ponytail

Step By Step 

  1. Start by working with your natural/or a tousled look. Rough up your hair by spraying Texture Spray directly into your hair.
  1. Tease around your hairline to add lift.
  1. Without smoothing out your hair- gather top half of hair into a ponytail and tie off. Tip: * Tie this 1st ponytail where you want the desired height of the overall look.
  1. Gather the rest of your hair into a second ponytail in line with the first ponytail, but underneath.  The farther down on the head you tie the second ponytail, the longer your hair will appear. *Make sure it is close enough to the first ponytail so that you can blend them together.
  1. Grab a little hair from the top ponytail and wrap around the elastic to cover. Pin off with a bobby pin.
  1. Tease Ponytail to create an even fuller look and to disguise the second ponytail.
  1. Spray texture spray directly into the ponytail and scrunch hair in hand. Continue the teasing and scrunching method until hair is at desired fullness.
  1. Pull at hair around hairline and at the crown to add any additional lift and texture.

Finish off the ponytail with your favorite shine spray! Dress this ponytail up or down for the perfect effortless lived in pony!

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