Des’s Diary: A Father’s Love



Today is the birthday of one of the greatest men I know. He is a godly man with a kind heart that brings joy to all who know him. He has an infectious smile, a comforting demeanor, and has been there for me since I was born. He doesn’t need much at all and no matter the circumstances in his life he forever carries a smile on his face, happiness in his heart, and love for others everywhere he goes.

My dad is a special man. Not only does he love my mom with all of his being, he has always been there for his kids. I will forever be a ‘Daddy’s girl’.

When I look back on my childhood and the traits of my father, I am reminded of the all of the moments we shared.

The most memorable father-daughter exchange happened every night before bed. My dad would tuck me into bed and we would pray together. I would pray for things like wanting to get straight A’s, for my cat Tabitha, and for things that only a kid would think was truly important.

Now here is a memory I will always hold dear and makes me laugh as well.

When I was about 5-6 years old my parents got me a super miniature ‘Minnie Mouse’ fishing pole. We would go to Potato Creek State Park every weekend while living in Indiana and so fishing, camping, biking, and playing in the lake were much of our activities during that time. I was SO excited to finally get the chance to use my fishing pole… or at least cast it out into the water and then play in the sand around us while my brother or dad would watch the line. I didn’t have the patience at that time to truly enjoy fishing.

Anyways..  My dad and I were walking down to the lake with my tiny (about the size of a ruler) Disney fishing pole when two men walked past us and sarcastically asked, ‘What do you think you’ll catch with that!?” before laughing their way to their cars. That little comment took my excitement and bottled it into discouragement. I turned to my dad and he reassured me that I would definitely be able to catch something. Before we (he) cast out my little ‘Minnie Mouse’ fishing line into the lake, we stopped at the shore to pray over my pole and pray that I would be able to catch a fish with it.

I kid you not, not even 30 minutes later did my line tighten up and a juicy, big rainbow trout was caught at the other end. Of course, my dad had to reel him in, but in that moment I thanked God for answering my little prayer.  My dad and I celebrated that small defeat with matching grins on our faces.

I always wanted to take that fish and show those two men who was boss! 😉


Happy Birthday to my encouragement, my support, my fishing partner… My dad! I love you so much for all that you do and have done for me!

I have so many other stories of my father and of my life that I will be sure to share each week with my ‘Des’s Diary’ posts.

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