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If I didn’t own makeup cases, organizers, and travel cases, my life would be a mess! Regardless of doing makeup for work, I have always owned WAY too much makeup. (I feel like a lot of girls can relate to this) Now the question is, where should we store it all!?

I have some makeup that I keep at home for my own personal use, then I have makeup constantly in my travel cases for work. When I am organized and can see what cosmetics I have, it allows me to be more efficient at my job and easier to get ready!

I’m sharing some must have makeup organizers and cases today that will cater to what you do, how much makeup you have, or if you travel a lot.  You will find a case or 2 that will benefit you and your needs. Some people have the luxury of ample drawer space, but if you are like me and just don’t have enough room, then you will love this post. 🙂



The first must have case is from the brand ‘Caboodle‘. I’ve been using this brand since I was a little girl! This is the case that I use for work. You can use them at your house too for a very sturdy portable organizer. I personally use 2 of them- in one I put all face makeup (blush, foundation, primers, lashes, etc.) and the second I put all colored makeup (eyeshadow, lipstick, liners, palettes).

It is convenient with a hard sturdy case, and very reasonably priced. I will eventually invest in better travel cases for work once I start doing more special effects makeup, but for now, these will just be my beauty makeup cases. I have even traveled with these babies and brought them on the plane with me haha!

#2: Clear Brush Holder3

This clear brush holder will be perfect if you own many makeup brushes. You can even put liners and mascara in one, eye brushes in the second, and blush and powder in the third compartment. This can sit on your counter, or you can hide it under your sink with your caboodle case!

#3: Travel Case


This travel case is for all my jet setters! The last thing you want is to have your cosmetics crammed in your luggage, or spewed across the hotel bathroom. I always travel with a case similar to this. It keeps me organized and the different clear compartments are perfect for easy access to my stuff!

 #4: Counter Organizer for it all4


This last case is perfect for organizing your entire makeup collection. If I wasn’t constantly on-the-go with my makeup, I would probably purchase a few of these cases and have them on the counter in my bathroom! The drawers are perfect for dividing up your makeup (eyes, lips, cheeks, foundation, bronzer, powders, primers, etc.) It even comes with a brush holder and tray on the top of the case. You could put your everyday favorites on this tray for quick access!

Until next week… Have fun organizing!!!

XO Cassandra // @CassandraFergie on Instagram

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