10 Minute Travel Workout



Since I have been traveling a lot this year and this week, I have had to come up with some crafty ways from letting the big dinners, snow-cones, dessert and travel munchies catch up to me. There’s no denying dessert or fruity sugar filled drinks while on vacation and no one wants to spend an hour or two working out while on a break so to make up for it I try to do a 10 minute workout in my hotel room at least once a day while away.

From various exercises I do weekly, I’ve put together the best ones to cut calories fast and feel good for the rest of the day. It’s easy to do and no weights are required! Join me while I do this same workout while in Montana this weekend.





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  • What a great workout idea. What part of Montana will you be in? We are making Bozeman home right now and there is nothing like a MT summer. Enjoy 🙂

  • Arleen Spendlove

    I love this 10 minute work our.

  • Lover_ly

    This is a great workout… we can’t wait to try it!