From Crush to Boyfriend in 7 Easy Steps



It is apparent that men and women are two completely different creatures in how we think and act when it comes to relationships. Women want to pour out their hearts and feelings while men like to keep it more subtle and simple. In the beginning of dating, it can be a learning curve in what one thinks can be said or done in order to keep the relationship alive.

Try these few things to keep your man or crush interested so that you both have the time to see if you are perfect for each other.

1.) Keep the mystery alive in the beginning and make him curious about you. Men always love a good chase.


2.)Take an interest in his interests while still staying active in your own. Men like a woman that is independent and has her own life for him to learn about. Being too available can push men away if they haven’t been able to establish a good foundation in how they feel about you.


3.) Be flirtatious and spontaneous. The more fun you have together the more you both will want to see each other.

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4.) Make him laugh! Laughter is the key to a joyful partnership.


5.) Affection makes anyone feel wanted or desired. As long as he is also sharing the affection, then find ways to show him how you feel.


6.) Create new memories together. Dates or adventures that you both have never been on will create a bond that only you two will share.


7.) Paint your own path and start fresh with your man. Don’t let the past ruin what could be the future, and all in all, enjoy your time getting to know each together! 😉


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