(3) Prom Makeup Looks to Make Heads Turn



Hello! This week I was so excited to create a tutorial on 3 different prom looks. I remember how stressed I was about prom and the weeks leading up to it, so here are 5 pieces of advice I have for your big day along with the 3 makeup looks I’ve put together.

1- As far as hair and makeup goes, I highly recommend trying whatever hair and makeup look that you decide BEFORE the big day since it may take you longer than you expect, and it’ll also help you perfect the look so you aren’t stressing that day. I remember rushing to get ready my prom since I changed my mind a million times about what I was going to do. Have a game plan- and stick to it! Try one of these looks with all the steps needed in the video below.







For the foundation and contouring check out my ‘How to Contour’ Post.

2- Whether you have a date for prom or not, it doesn’t matter at ALL (at the time I totally thought this was a huge deal). I went with a guy friend for my prom and I was grateful for that. There was no pressure, we were strictly friends, and I got to hang with my girlfriends all night. We basically just went together because everyone else had dates & to take pictures together. If you don’t have a date, don’t feel like you are the odd one out or something. You will be hanging out with your girlfriends anyway!

3- The after party… Where should we go? Should I have friends over? Where is the best party to go to? Haha! I remember stressing about this too, but my date ended up having a small group of people at his house, all my girlfriends were there, and it was such an awesome night! Remember what is important is spending the evening with your closest friends, even if that means having a little party with a few of you! You won’t keep in touch with hardly anyone after high school, so make the night memorable with your besties 🙂

4- The most important thing to remember this night is safety! One night making a bad decision could affect you for the rest of your life! Just keep your wits about you and keep an eye out for your friends. If you don’t feel comfortable somewhere, don’t feel obligated stay or feel like you will “miss out” on something. Call your parents or a close friend to pick you up. Trust your gut!

5- If you haven’t already purchased a dress, there are some great sites with dresses under $200 when I was browsing. I am a huge fan of Rent The Runway too! They have designer dresses you can rent for super cheap! You most likely won’t re-wear your prom dress, so renting one or borrowing a dress from a friend is a great idea! Also it is important that you find a dress you are confident and comfortable in. You will be in the dress for hours taking pictures, eating, dancing, etc.!

Just relax, be safe, and have fun!

xo Cassandra



Lorac Eyeshadow Primer 

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner

Urban Decay Bondage Adhesive


MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot “Chilled on Ice”

Too Faced Melted Lipstick “Sugar”

MAC “Rebel” Lipstick

 MAC “Snob” Lipstick

Urban Decay 24-7 Lip Liner “Naked 2”

 Ardell “113” Lashes

 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft and Gentle

MAC Fix+ Spray

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