6 Tropical Honeymoon Must Haves


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Honeymoons are a time to relax and spend every second with your new hubby! They are also meant to be spent frolicking on the beach, drinking fruity cocktails, and making memories!

To ensure that you are prepared for your trip and using that time to your full potential, we have put together 6 necessities for a tropical honeymoon.


Everyone needs a few great swimsuits for any special celebration but for your honeymoon you have to go all out! Get festive and go with a tropical print, bright color or plunging V-neck. Your husband will thank you and so will your photos.



Ok, so you just got married and maybe you’ve already lived together or know everything about your spouse, but your newlyweds so make those nights even more exciting with lingerie. It will make for moments he will never forget!



Make sure you are prepared for anything! The beach lounging, the walking, the hiking, the water and boat activities can only be done if you have all the essentials. These are items you can’t live without (in our opinion) for an island adventure!


Aviator Sunglasses   //  Hat   //   Beach Bag   //   Sunscreen   //   EOS Chapstick   //  Kindle   //  Beach Towel



Dresses are the best part of going on vacation. You not only have a reason to buy fabulous new dresses, but an opportunity to rock them! I could live in maxi dresses, but sun dresses are just as important for a beach side escape.



Although being barefoot is the ultimate treat and sandals aren’t needed for the beach, you do still need some to pair with your fabulous maxi dresses!



If something wasn’t captured on camera than it never happened. At least that’s how we see it when it comes to vacation! A good camera is a must.


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