How to Apply False Lashes



Have you ever glued your eye shut while trying to put false lashes on? I have.

Don’t underestimate the power of false lashes- they can make or break an entire evening in an instant. Haha! Have you ever tried putting the lash on, but opened your eye just to see it nowhere near your lash line? If this sounds familiar to you, just know that you aren’t alone! But trying is the first step. Just like anything in life, practice makes perfect- knowing what does and doesn’t work will always help you eventually succeed at something.

After watching my step by step tutorial, you will be a master at applying lashes and less evenings will be ruined. I also go over my favorite brand of lashes in the video, different issues you may be having, and how to completely avoid them.

Hope you enjoy my video! Good luck and feel free to message me on YouTube or the comments below if you have any questions or concerns! Also, you can follow me on Instagram at @CassandraFergie

XO Cassandra



Lashes: Twin Pack,  Bold Lash, Glamour Lashes  

Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive



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